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Hunters Lodge Summary


Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs had a lot of new information to share:

  • Still waiting for Apple's approval
  • Auction House starts on Monday August 2nd
  • New Cubie in the Shop will be an Epic Shark Cubie
  • New Event coming in August called Elemental Invasion featuring 4 new Cubies. Images were revealed.
  • Trivia update which will add 15 more categories and a new trivia style using images for the questions
  • More Leaderboards coming in August
  • Dark Mode
  • First Legendary Cubie will be available in the Auction House during the Elemental Invasion Event
  • Coin Hunt World Merchandise Store is coming with a shirt and a mug for now

Coming in September:

  • Uservault changes to even out the playing field between rural and city players
  • Beta release in London UK and after that other major cities around the world.

More detailed descriptions, pictures, videos and a Q&A summary can be found on the Hunters Lodge wiki page.

More Detailed Hunters Lodge Info on the Wiki
CHW Community Map
CHW Community Map
Make use of all the new tools made for the game. Anakura created an amazing map to log all the points of interest in the game. Visit the website and help map your area. Players already mapped over 40,000 points so far.
Link to Coin Hunt World Map
Meme by Kevostrings
The last few weeks saw a surge in CHW memes. You can find them on Reddit, the Community Discord and the Wiki. Indiana Jones meme by Kevostrings.
More Memes
How to skip the key collection animation
Tip of the Day
When the key collection animation starts, an arrow at the top left corner can be clicked to skip the animation. This is very useful when players are in a car as a passenger and can collect a lot of keys in a short span of time. Only key collection animations can be skipped. Resource boxes can not be skipped, only sped up by clicking on them while floating up.
More Tips and Tricks
ITGUY Podcast banner
CHW Streamers
There are already a few active CHW streamers. BlocBoi, one of the top players streams regularly 3 times a week at 6pm PT on Twitch. Smoosh is very active on Tiktok showing how he plays and gives tips. ITGUY started a weekly podcast which normally airs on Fridays featuring a guest. This week it is King Thermos. A list of all CHW streamers including their links can be found on the Wiki.
List of all Streamers
Weekly Twitter Contest Winners
Weekly Twitter Contest Winners
There is a weekly Twitter contest, won last week by awesomepossum. The topic changes every week and is communicated through Discord and Twitter. Send tweets of User Vaults fitting the theme! The maker of the tweet with the most likes each day will receive one green key! At the end of the week, the person who took the most liked User Vault picture (out of the four daily winners) AND the owner of that User Vault both receive one yellow key! Daily random winner: Additionally, just by tweeting, you have a chance of winning one green key. Every day, one cool vault location tweet will be selected at random, and the player who tweeted it gets the prize!
More Contest Info

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