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Halloween Event Summary

Hello Hunters! I hope you all had a great time during the Halloween event, which was our best event to date with a record breaking amount of participation from the hunters in USA, Canada and UK!

Let’s take a look at some stats!

All together, the hunters

  • opened a total of 350,000 Halloween resource boxes!
  • collected Bitcoin: 0.611814 and Ethereum: 8.815352

How many Resources did the hunters find?

  • Pumpkin Seeds 824,095
  • Dusty Rags 587,755
  • Rusty Bolts 472,210
  • Chunks of Flesh 352,160
  • Bat wings 162,810
  • Magical Fabric 117,455
  • Bottle of Blood 110,920
  • Warty Toad 80,765
  • Witches hat 1,633

How many Blueprints did the hunters find?

  • Pumpkin Cubie Blueprint 2,607
  • Mummy Cubie Blueprint 876
  • Monster Cubie Blueprint 847
  • Witch Cubie Blueprint 296
  • Black Cat Cubie Blueprint 32 (US: 17, CA:15, UK:0)

How many Cauldrons did the hunters spawn?

  • Common 6674
  • Rare 1993
  • Epic 124

What area spawned the most Cauldrons?

  1. Ontario 1265
  2. British Columbia 867
  3. California 782

Who had first prints?

  • Witch Cubie = Kooshy
  • Black Cat Cubie = D0naldDuck

How many cubies were printed?

  • Vampire Cubie 1
  • Black Cat Cubie 14
  • Witch Cubie 14
  • Mummy Cubie 931
  • Pumpkin Cubie 1,692

Who opened the most vaults during this event?

  1. Jrnightingale 3383
  2. Lionlocks 2306
  3. Beardy 2208
  4. westbeachmusic 2115
  5. Psycho808 1885
  6. Jennni808 1876
  7. MakikiTiki 1766
  8. Geeya 1721
  9. BlocBoi 1691
  10. Minel 1678

And some fun stats to end with:

  • What Cauldron was used by the most hunters? (A cauldron in Port Coquitlam, BC was hit by 29 hunters!)
  • How many hunters opened/attempted a red boosted vault? (110)
  • What’s the furthest a hunter travelled to open an Epic Cauldron? (6845km)
Halloween 2021 Wiki Page
Veriblock Event in the UK

All the up to date event info will be on the "Veriblock Event" page on the Wiki. Please keep checking that page during the event as we will add all 50 VBK trivia questions & answers for you to study. 

  • 1 week, but if going well might be extended
  • 50 VBK trivia questions
  • All green vaults turn into Veriblock vaults and will only ask token specific trivia
  • Solving a green Veriblock vault perfectly gives you $2 worth of VBK.
  • VBK cubie blueprint chance from VBK vaults 
  • Why only in the UK? 2 reasons: token teams pick where they want to drop tokens & Uphold does not support this particular token 
Veriblock Event Wiki Page
Roadmap and Discord Leaks

I'm trying to summarize some of the shared vision and ideas by the two co-founders (Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs). There is no official Roadmap but the Wiki Team is trying to put something together for people to refer to and see where the game might go in the future and what to look forward to.

  • NFT are planned for December
  • Adding new token events
  • Cubie functions in the game 
  • El Salvador launch in December
  • Launch in a city in Asia
  • Launch in European cities

Some posts from both Co-Founders on Discord in the last 3 weeks 


  • Our long-term vision: we are building a fun metaverse that (unlike the others) is anchored in the real world, where players can do various fun quests and get rewarded with a variety of tokens, NFT's etc....
  • This (VBK Event) is our first of many sponsored events
  • Cats will be useful in many other ways
  • El Salvador coming in December
  • Buy Now feature in Auction House coming next year
  • This is the last month of gift boxes as leaderboard rewards, from next month all leaderboards will be unified with key rewards
  • Orcaex will be our Latin America Export partner
  • Catalyx will be our export partner for Asia
  • Biteeu runs on Bittrex global and has over 300 tokens Uphold only supports about 50 tokens This means that when we start running token airdrop campaigns, most of them will only run in Europe / Asia and not in USA/Canada. And a little sneak peek: the first token campaign on CHW will run in the UK next week (VBK).
  • Biteeu: we are working with them, still a couple weeks off
  • The game is designed to thrive in areas where you have a lot of other local hunters. That is by design and will not change... if you are the only hunter in your area my advice would be to not focus on events and first focus on recruiting
  • We are trying to make each big event unique. This is how the Halloween event will be like, other events will be different
  • I think I made it clear it's not about city/rural it’s about how many other local hunters you have
  • We like to develop hard & fast, but a side effect of that flavor of development is that sometimes mistakes happen. But nothing we can't fix and get back on the horse. We have a big vision and we are EAGER to get there and show you guys where we want to go with CHW
  • Also, it's not because there is no prize for the Cubie Collector Leaderboards right now, there might not be one in the future
  • The land you claimed (100m radius around each of your UVs) will be very important with the new user generated structures system (Q1 2022)
  • We might release other games in the cubie universe in the future that does not require you to be mobile 


  • You can expect resources to come back in future events. Maybe even new uses for existing resources
  • Cubies will be important
  • I’ve been thinking also about doing something like Cryptoapes. Create a million unique cubies randomly from a number of templates. You get a randomly generated one from a blueprint
  • Remember when people were saying they had too much paint or resin? We’re always looking for ways to make every resource useful
  • Now that you know a set of cats can get you an epic, it would be a shame if we didn’t have another epic in the future that relied on a similar mechanism
  • What if I told you there might be more uses for cats in the future?
  • I think early December there is a special event focused on the USA
  • Thanksgiving will be for everyone and so will the Christmas event
  • We did say cubies would start to matter. This is only the beginning :). Lots more exciting stuff for cubie collectors
  • It’s going to take us awhile to get there (UBI). But we will 
Roadmap Wiki Page
Player Introduction: Kevostrings
Player Introduction: Kevostrings
Kevostrings's Wiki Page


Kevostrings is THE meme lord for the Coin Hunt World community.

You can find all of his Coin Hunt World memes on:



Started Playing

I had downloaded TestFlight on May 4, 2021 according to my App store information. I'm one of the "chosen" 10,000 players that are currently playing on iOS. This was during the Hawaii Event and I managed to obtain the Hula and the Surf blueprint. Unfortunately, I was still new to the game and I was not able to unlock the Red Floating Vault, or obtain the Chill blueprint.


I hunt in Calgary, Alberta; where I was born and raised. Calgary is famously known for the invention of "Ginger Beef", the Calgary Stampede and the Hart Wrestling dynasty. It is also home to such infamous players like: Brend, JKA92, Parkerdudeman and Judson.

Usual hunting locations

I mainly hunt around my work and in my neighborhood. I have a total 20 blue vaults/user vaults in my neighborhood and 40 blue vaults/user vaults in the surrounding area near my work. I'll occasionally drive to various hotspots in the city during events or when trying to make a leaderboard jump.

How do you hunt

I'm one of those urban drivers that had trouble spawning Epic Cauldrons in the latest event. My city is very spread out and it is difficult to get around if you do not drive an automobile. However, I try my best to hunt on foot in my neighborhood and when I'm downtown roaming the User Vault Jungle.

Why did you start playing CHW

I was browsing reddit and I had seen a post by "ThatAlice" talking about how she was playing a game similar to Pokemon GO, but rewarding you with earn cryptocurrency. This was just after the Dogecoin spike and I had been curious about cryptocurrency for years. I thought it would be neat to earn and sell crypto without any risks. After a couple days, I was hooked.

What do you like the most about CHW

I really enjoy the concept of building user vaults in your area. I was a big POGO player and always found the process to get stuff added and removed in the game was a hassle. I also really enjoy the difficulty of the game. The developers are not spoon feeding the player base and it takes effort to achieve certain goals within the game. I also really like that rare items are actually rare.

It seems like everyone likes the CHW community and I will have to agree with them. I really enjoy how the community is helping me develop my talents. Fun fact, I really didn't make memes before I started playing CHW. I'd make the occasional work meme and send it to co-workers, but nothing like what the Coin Hunt Memes social media accounts have turned in to. It has been an interesting journey so far. 

What is your favorite vault location

That would be C4nnan's Fire Vault that I always feature on the Coin Hunt Memes twitter. It's lit. Although, Calgary's Yellow Vault is in the middle of this beautiful park located on a small island beside our downtown area. No coyotes.

How do you see the game in the future

I really enjoy the indie and underground status it has at the moment. However, I'm sure that Coin Hunt World will eventually become a world-wide sensation and we'll get our CHW player conventions. Can you imagine the group photo of people dressing up as Minel?

What would you change or add to the game

I'd like a feature to send messages in game that we'd receive in our HQ mailbox. Mainly to get in contact with players who refuse to use the discord channel. Cubie customization and accessories are another feature on my wish list. It would be really cool, if I could put Sunglasses on my Snowman Cubie. 

Meme of the Week
Meme of the Week
Join the fun to make CHW memes. Tweet them on Twitter and tag me @chw_wiki. Meme of the week by Kevostrings.
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CHW Wiki Update

There is a lot of work going on in the background to improve the CHW Wiki. I would like to mention that the Wiki Team keeps growing and there are quite a few players that help out without getting much recognition.

List of active Wiki contributors

  • Acbbchris
  • Alriad (Senior Editor)
  • Anakura (Admin)
  • Billybrkr
  • Domhnall (Senior Editor)
  • FullofDumplins (Senior Editor)
  • ISpeakNerd (Admin)
  • Jfrey
  • Khag (Admin)
  • Littlepenguiy (Senior Editor)
  • Lucvend
  • MarvinsMama
  • Medvrich
  • Momlovesu
  • PizzaParty
  • Zach

Some info

  • Khag and me are working on integrating Wordpress with Mediawiki so we are more flexible to add more content to the website (News, Polls, Events, Timers, Embedded Tweets, etc).
  • Zach and others keep adding more player pages.
  • Khag (with lots of help from Domhnall) is working on automated leaderboards on the wiki. We will be able to pull the leaderboard stats from the CHW website and have all player pages updated with the ranking history.
  • Domhnall worked hard to add all Red Vault information to the Wiki
  • The list of all Yellow Vaults keeps getting updated by the whole Wiki Team to make sure all 110 vaults will have a page with the location, Q&A and info about who filled the crane or solved the vault first.
  • Littlepenguiy and Khag made sure that the Halloween Event page was kept up to date during the event.
  • MarvinsMama and Medvrich organized the CHW Wiki Pet Costume Event
  • MomLovesU also made a lot of edits
  • ISpeakNerd is helping a lot with edits and Admin work. Lots to come from him soon.


Support the Wiki

It's a lot of work to keep the Coin Hunt World Wiki, Twitter and Newsletter going. Please consider a small donation so I can keep the Wiki ads-free. Thank you very much!

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