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Summary of Hawaii Event 2022

Hawaii Event 2022 has ended and Coin Hunt World has finally released the results hunters have been waiting for.

  • How many hunters finished the Hawaii quest line?
  • Was the purple vault ever found? Who hunted the hardest?
  • Who was the most unlucky?

Here is a summary you’ve been waiting for…




*All stats taken from CHW medium article.  Please refer to the original document for more details.*

Purple Vault

The Purple vault was found by Habuteru and YasuoReiji12 on Kilauea. 5 hunters opened the vault:






Event Stats

11,788 hunters began the quest line and received the participation NFT

Resources Collected

17,656,895 Red Lei

4,712,180 Plumeria Flower

3,198,535 Hibiscus Flower

3,204,470 Anthurium Flower

10,005 Turtle Shell

Resource-Red Lei.png Resource-Plumeria Flower.png Resource-Hibiscus Flower.png Resource-Anthurium Flower.png Resource-Turtle Shell.png

Blueprints Collected

8,226 Hula BP

5,469 Surf BP

1,237 Seal BP

301 Turtle BP

43,984 Tiki Warrior BP

Cubie-Hula Cubie.png Cubie-Surf Cubie.png Cubie-Sneaky Seal Cubie.png Cubie-Turtle Cubie.png Cubie-Hihiu Tiki Cubie.png

First Prints

Anu Tiki Cubie - MistaSage

Enemi Tiki Cubie - AnnieElite

Hamau Tiki Cubie - IDFK

Haohao Tiki Cubie - CryptoGypsy

Hihiu Tiki Cubie - Jer2311

Hookahi Tiki Cubie - KandiKane

Iki Tiki Cubie - Hiphil

Ino Tiki Cubie - Beardy

Kaka Tiki Cubie - SamLaroche

KaPu iki Cubie - Cat280

Kauka Tiki Cubie - Anakura

Kaulana Tiki Cubie - BlocBoi

Kelepona Tiki Cubie - Sheena

Koa Tiki Cubie - Wrwilm

Kopaa Tiki Cubie - JHands235

Kuki Tiki Cubie - Davespiggybank

Luna Tiki Cubie - Foos

Makeneki Tiki Cubie - Medvrich

Metala Tiki Cubie - JasL15

Mo’o Tiki Cubie - TurtleDuck

Nani Tiki Cubie - Famousred88

Niho Tiki Cubie - HCMutiny

Olioli Tiki Cubie - Dhampirous

Paipika Tiki Cubie - TheBrizzle

Pila Tiki Cubie - Ajantis

Pohaku Tiki Cubie - VWrulesChick

Wawae Tiki Cubie - Berrywhite420

Sneaky Seal Cubie - Wrwilm

Turtle Cubie - Lionlocks


Who Opened the MOST vaults

5,277 Beardy

4,535 Lionlocks

3,855 Minel

3,823 Beatsmebydre

3,804 Psycho808

Who completed the Hawaii quest the FASTEST

1 Lionlocks

2 Beardy

3 VWrulesChick

4 Carmandrew

5 Mommy

Who received the CHW Behind the Scenes #3 NFT

A big congratulations to the first finishers of the Quest Chain. Top 5 hunters from each country who finished the quest chain received a special behind-the-scene NFT.


  1. Lionlocks

  2. Beardy

  3. VwRulesChick

  4. Carmandrew

  5. Mommy


  1. Dannibus

  2. MarvinsMama

  3. MarvinsHouse

  4. Psycho808

  5. ConnMan2411


  1. Warm

  2. 1an8

  3. Lolascolas

  4. Mhallet

  5. Jon20D

El Salvador

  1. Straughn


No completion

Most UNLUCKY Hunter

Gladita was 13 vaults away from receiving the turtle bp.

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