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I would like to take the chance to thank everybody that uses the CHW Wiki but also all the players that send me information, help me with the Wiki edits or developing new features for the website. We all do it for free and for the love of the game. The Wiki has already 215 pages!

I don't like to beg for money but if you use the Wiki a lot or made a fortune on the new Auction House because of all the easily available information on the website please consider a small donation. I set up a payment option through Square. I will use all the donated money to improve the Wiki. So far I paid for the hosting and used only free software to keep the costs low but it would be great to add some more features to the website which sometimes cost money. 


There is a one-time or monthly subscription option. If you prefer to donate Crypto instead of Fiat currency, I have some options on the Contact/Donation page linked in the menu.

Thank you

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List of all CHW cubies
List of all Cubies and Blueprints
The Wiki lists all blueprints and cubies of the game with detailed pages for each separate cubie. Player billybrkr made an amazing overview poster of all cubies. Check out the list to figure out which cubie you would like to get next.
Blueprint List
News of the week

A short summary of this weeks News:

  • 33,000 new blue keys were added to the US map. At every type of dollar store mostly in rural areas. The Canadian map will be boosted soon as well.
  • Auctions are now only 3 days long. Each clock represents a day left
  • After the first week of the Auction House the Devs received a lot of feedback from players. They will work on the AH as this is just the first version to test the waters
  • A blueprint never drops again after a player had a blueprint in the inventory (either through a drop or by buying the blueprint in the AH)
  • The Devs hinted that Red Structures are coming soon
  • Uservaults are just a placeholder for a better system in the feature
  • No hints for the Legendary blueprint that will be available in the AH for a minimum bid of 2 purple keys. The legendary cubie will have a passive bonus. 
  • The Elemental Invasion event is planned for end of August but might start in September.
  • The next reoccurring event is the Halloween event in October. All Cubies will be back except the epic Vampire cubie. There will be a new epic cubie for the event.
Meme of the week
Meme of the week
Join the fun to make CHW memes. You can find some of them on Reddit, the Community Discord and the Wiki. Meme of the week by fr33.
More Memes
Weekly Contest Winner Image
Twitter Contest
There is a weekly Twitter contest, won last week by Zach with History as topic. The topic changes every week and is communicated through Discord and Twitter. Send tweets of User Vaults fitting the theme! The maker of the tweet with the most likes each day will receive one green key! At the end of the week, the person who took the most liked User Vault picture (out of the four daily winners) AND the owner of that User Vault both receive one yellow key! Daily random winner: Additionally, just by tweeting, you have a chance of winning one green key. Every day, one cool vault location tweet will be selected at random, and the player who tweeted it gets the prize!
More Contest Info
New Referral Program is now live
Referral key rewards will now trigger only on solving of a vault of that tier correctly. The time to activate a referral link got extended from 24 hours after account creation to 7 days. Players can't activate a referral link after building their HQ.
Referral Page
CHW Streamers
CHW Streamers
List of all Streamers

Bitcoinbrock made a great tutorial for beginners around a month ago on YouTube. 


Please also check out BlocBoi who is live streaming a few days a week on Twitch. He interacts live with listeners through the chat and some of the developers are chiming in sometimes too. Great way to get helpful information about the game.


ITGUY has a fantastic weekly podcast that gets released every Friday evening. If you want a detailed recap of all the CHW news in a 30 minute podcast, he is your guy. Very well researched and he has sometimes other interesting CHW players on his podcast. 


Please try to support them as they help grow the game. 

Tip of the Week
Tip of the Week
Try to "double dip" the vaults if you can. The vaults respawn every 12 hours and the keys every 24 hours. If you can finish collecting just before the reset, you can do all your keys and vaults twice. For example go out before 8pm ET and collect all your vaults and then do them right after 8pm again. This works for all vaults. Check the Respawn Timers page on the Wiki.
Respawn Timers
Illusionweaver Story Time

When we first launched the Buddy Quest, there was a bug that the sonar would show no matter how far you where from the seesaw. And a visual bug that made it look like you where almost there (even if you where far far away). So a certain hunter called BlocBoi had his first Buddy Quest while he was in Texas. He was driving around following the sonar for hours, he could not find it. He contacted me, I looked it up, turns out he left his HQ in Hollywood. The Buddy Quest was about 2000 miles away from him. And I kept telling him that it's inside 3 miles.

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From now on I will post any Wiki updates on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me to make sure you don't miss any CHW information. Links to the Twitter and Facebook pages are at the bottom of the newsletter.

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