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Congratulations Top 5 Global Hunters - July 2022


It was an exciting finish to the month, with the top 10 global hunters relentlessly changing positions in the last few days. In the end, Limpy37 was the apex hunter, with Ze0t, ZennieABC, Systemcrash and Babygurl close behind. Congratulations winners!

New Shop Drops

On July 20, 2022, a new Level 5 Headquarter blueprint became available for 1 yellow key.

This shop drop was interrupted on July 24, 2022 by the Epic Shark blueprint drop for 2 red keys.  420 blueprints (out of 500) were available.  It was all sold out in a little over 2 hours.


After the shark blueprint was sold out, the headquarter blueprint returned to the shop.

Fiesta de San Salvador Event

Start of the Event: Aug 1, 12am UTC; July 31, 5pm PT, 8pm ET.

End of the Event: Aug 3, 12am UTC; Aug 2, 5pm PT, 8pm ET.

The annual Fiesta de San Salvador Event is currently running for players in El Salvador. During this event, the Bitcoin Beach Cubie blueprint and resources for printing this cubie will randomly drop from white vaults.

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Cat Fight - Tiger Lily Comes Out on Top

On July 17, 2022, CHW held a contest encouraging hunters to wear either Softy or Tiger Lily.  In order to activate the contest, 500 retweets were needed and this was easily achieved. Well done fellow hunters!

On July 22, 2022, Tiger Lily cat was declared the WINNER! Everyone that was wearing a Tiger Lily cubie on the leaderboard at the time of the snapshot was given a resource box containing past event resources. Illusionweaver has hinted there will be future rare cubie vs. rare cubie battles.

Happy Hour Changes are coming…

During Hunter’s Lodge 5, CHW announced that Happy Hour will consist of 10 categories only.  The 10 categories will change periodically.  This week, beans were spilled that another change was added.  Blue paint (historically not included) will be included in Happy Hour’s boosted paint this coming week.

It’s Sushi Time!

Illusionweaver has indicated the Sushi Quest will be live mid-week this week. CHW player shoe suggested the first visit at each capital’s structure should have a guaranteed common blueprint drop. Illusionweaver made that change immediately based on that suggestion. Thank you, shoe! Furthermore, Illusionweaver stated, you might “go eat sushi 100x and still not get [the epic Master Sushi Chef blueprint].”


To recap what the Sushi Quest is, every country where Coin Hunt World is live, will have one Sushi Structure placed in the country’s capital. This structure will be placed on top of a real sushi restaurant. You can visit the restaurant, and while you enjoy your sushi, you can complete the Sushi Quest. At the end of a 45 minute timer, you will be rewarded with 1 reward box that may contain the common Sushi Chef or epic Master Sushi Chef blueprints and/or resources for printing these cubies.

Featured Stream of the Week

Have you listened to ITGUY's podcast?  It is the perfect entertainment while hunting or doing the walking quests.  Here's a message from ITGUY:

"Hi! My name is Trent but most of you know me as ITGUY, I am the owner and host of “The Blockchain Gaming Podcast” where I talk with players, developers, and community leaders about P2E and crypto games! At the center of the podcast is a weekly CHW show where you get to meet some CHW players and hear their opinions on game mechanics and changes!"

To support ITGUY, follow him on Twitter and listen to him on Spotify.  Don't forget to give him a rating on Spotify.  

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