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Tiki Tribe #2

A 2nd tribe of hunters coordinated their trip to visit the Tiki Chief in Hawaii at the Koko Crater on Aug 10, 2022.  

Khag, Cata, MarvinsMama, MarvinsHouse, Kauai96766, Korkio, Bullish13, BabyYoda94, and Habuteru made up the 9 members tiki tribe.  Local hunters MakikiTiki, Psycho808, and Bozwalds accompanied them up for their weekly visit to the chief for more koa wood.  Congrats everyone!  Let’s see more Tiki chief in the auction house. 

Coachella Crane

On the way home from Hawaii, Khag and Cata took a detour and visited Coachella in California.  For weeks, there've been numerous discussions on discord regarding whether the missing crane is in Coachella but no one went to look for it.  Cata followed the bread crumbs dropped by CHW and successfully found the crane.  Khag and Cata filled the crane which allowed the newest yellow vault to be built.  Congrats Khag and Cata.  Thanks for taking the time and resources to find the missing crane.

RNG Cubie

There is a new blueprint.  It drops from yellow vaults at a rare rate.  It takes 2000 red paint, 500 white paint, and 1000 resin to print.  Khag was the 1st hunter to print the RNG Cubie.  It is a red dice and the animation is amazing.  Is this a hint that Las Vegas meetup is happening?

New Shop Drop

There is a new blueprint in the shop.  For 2 green keys, you can get a pizza blueprint which prints a pizza cubie.  This is the 2nd time the pizza blueprint has been in the shop.  Get it while you can.  You never know what kind cubies are needed for the next CHW Twitter contest.

Twitter Contest

Ice cubie?  Sneaky Seal cubie?  Or Summer cubie?  Which do you think will dominate the leaderboard?  Wear one proudly or wear one strategically as the winning majority will be receiving a contest box.  If this twitter post reaches 500+ retweets ( and you solve a vault by 23:59UTC Aug 17, 2022 then you’ll receive another contest box.  Good luck!

CHW Age 16+

We all knew that you had to be 16 (18+ in the UK) to play Coin Hunt World. That is cover in the TOS that we all read!  We had all heard rumors that it was coming. The Devs said it from the beginning. Well, with one of the most recent updates, you now have to enter your DOB to continue playing. A hunter already had a Birthday come and go since the new implementation of the DOB requirement and there was no Birthday present waiting for him. It does not appear that presents were the motive behind this new policy. 

County Stamps

Have you heard about Country Stamps? Maybe you got one from successfully completing a yellow vault recently.  Or you are one of the extremely lucky ones who got a stamp to drop from a green vault?   They are hard to get, but you will need one for structure construction in the Cubieverse. Coin Hunt World said they will provide more information closer to releasing the structures mechanic, but each Country will drop their own Country Stamp!



Featured Stream of the Week

Trashtoobers bring viewers along for the hunting safari featuring live video of their neighborhood while opening vaults and earning keys. Between vaults, Trashtoob and Analitegleem host irreverent discussion about the Cubie-verse and wild speculation on upcoming changes with "Exciting News", Dad jokes, movie recommendations, and music to inspire your hunt. 

Join the Trashtoobers on Monday nights right after reset on Twitch!

IW Bean Quotes
  • Almost nobody will get the RNG BP, you could open 1000 yellow vaults and still not get it

  • The idea I liked a lot was tapping your phone to another hunters when you meet up IRL does "something" in the game

  • The traveling aspect of the game will be build out more next year with the Explorer mechanics / leaderboards

  • Epic quest are supposed to be damn hard... Complainers can go find another game

  • Did you really think I would not put Easter eggs in the game? :D

  • no LBP of any kind in Cubie Air challenge...only for it's own cubie air challenge leaderboard

  • We are going to send all white tier players 500x:KeyWhite~1:  very soon  (one time only)

  • My vision for that is too be able to login to your CHW account on the website, and there you will find all your stats and achievements etc

  • make sure you are on Wifi for Cubie Air Challenge, if you get disconnected during the run you lose the key & no refunds 

  • Then just wait till adventure pass.. premium pass will yield you up to 8 stamps

  • When I presented Cubie Air, we had not started testing. Now we are testing so many tweaks will be made to make sure it works as intended (high risk, high reward). So the end product will def be a little different vs Hunters Lodge

  • You would need at least the common to operate the pizzeria structure obviously. yes if the shop dropped the common, then the structure could drop the rare and epic version

  • Working something called achievement cubies. The only way to get those is to achieve something specific for example finish in the top five in the monthly locally leaderboards or have a perfect streak on 10 yellows in a row

  • Stamps from yellow vaults will now be a permanent thing

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