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Adventure Road and Paid Adventure Pass
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At the start of this month, a new beta feature was released - the Coin Hunt World Adventure Road. This is a month-long quest chain and players are encouraged to progress through the chain at their own pace. There are 30 milestones in total in the chain and each milestone is unlocked once 300 Adventure Road Points (ARP) are earned. Each day, there are three daily quests that will award 100 ARP each (for a total of 300 ARP if you complete all three quests). These quests are categorized as easy, medium and hard. Some examples of easy quests we have seen thus far are:

  • Forge a green key

  • Print a Thanksgiving 2021 cubie

  • Wear a Kauka Tiki cubie

Some examples of medium quests we have seen are:

  • Open 15 vaults

  • Wear an Ethereum cubie

Some examples of hard quests we have seen are:

  • Complete all 8 walking goals in a day

  • Print a Fire Dragon cubie

The quests are randomly determined each day and you have 24 hours to complete these quests. Note that you do not need to complete all or any of these quests in order to progress through the quest chain. Solving vaults also awards you ARP. Each vault, regardless of tier (blue, green or yellow), will earn you 2 ARP each. Along the way, when you reach each milestone, you will be given a reward that you can claim.

The left side of the road shows rewards that are claimable for free tier players. The right side of the road shows additional rewards that are claimable for players that purchase an Adventure Pass. Adventure Passes can be purchased from the in-game shop for 200 crystal keys each. Crystal keys are purchasable in-game using either crypto that has been earned in-game (Android or iOS), or by using fiat via the in-app purchase system on the Google Play Store (Android only). In addition to these bonus rewards, Adventure Pass holders will earn 4 ARP instead of only 2 ARP per solved vault, allowing them to progress faster through the chain. 

Some of the exclusive rewards along the Adventure Road for Adventure Pass holders include the Scorpio Achievement Cubie and the Groovy HQ Skin blueprint shown above.

The developers have asked for feedback for this beta feature, so hop onto discord and share your thoughts.

Medium Article
Halloween Event Summary

Halloween Event took place from Oct 25 to Nov 01, 2022.  Besides the first few days, the rest of the event was relatively glitch-free.  As all events, there was a quest chain, bones and goop (aka ectoplasm) to collect, as well as cauldrons to spawn.  Yellow and red and purple cauldrons.  Sacrifices were made to the ghostly plain as hunters raced to finish the quest.


Find out more on the wiki

Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Congratulations to GameBruh01 for winning the CHW Halloween costume contest with their incredible rendition of the Mummy cubie.

Second place went to PBeeBear with their littlest one transformed into the cutest Blue cubie.

Kevostrings took home third place with their accurate rendition of the Snowman cubie.

Zeph made their Yellow Dragon Cubie costume entirely out of cardboard and captured all the details for that epic cubie. They took home fourth place.

Rounding out the winners in fifth place was Beatsmebydre. They asserted Big Tickler boxes are the best boxes to open and I think we can all agree with them!

Coin Hunt Fest 2023

Pack your bags, we’re going to Vegas!!  Coin Hunt Fest has officially been announced and tickets have been sold.  It is taking place at Resorts World on March 11-12, 2023 where a new Las Vegas Monument will be unvealed.  

100 Coin Hunt Fest General Admission tickets were sold for 5 yellow keys each on Nov 03, 2022.  Those who attend the festival will receive a unique single print CH Fest 2023 blueprint.  

10 Coin Hunt Fest VIP tickets were sold for 1 purple key each on Nov 02, 2022. VIP holders who attend the festival will receive a unique single print CH Fest 2023 VIP blueprint. Other perks that comes with the VIP ticket includes complimentary lodging at Resorts World and brunch with the devs.  

More tickets have been promised to go on sale soon.  Don’t miss out.  Watch for the CHW tweets.  Remember, don’t purchase a ticket if you don’t plan to physically be in Vegas.  The blueprint cannot be used unless in Vegas.  The tickets cannot be resold in the auction house.

Global Leaderboard Winners - Oct 2022


Congratulations to the top 5 global leaderboard winners for October!

New Trivia Categories

The new trivia categories for the month of November are Art, Celebrity, Cryptocurrency, Food and Drink Geography, Health and Medicine, History, Music, Science, and TV.

Stay Tuned – Future CHW Wiki Giveaway

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Artwork created by Kevostrings

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