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Twitter Cubie Battle Contest Winner

If you participated in the Twitter Cubie Battle, congratulations to all Hunters who equipped the winning Cubie: the Zombie Cubie! Everyone who solved a single vault during the 5-day Cubie Battle received a Contest Box, while those who wore the Zombie Cubie received an additional Contest Box!

Green Vaults

On January 27th, 2023, for the first time in Coin Hunt World History, Hunters were able to buy a Green Vault and turn it into a Green User Vault. The cost was 1,000 Crystal Keys. Until sold out, you were able to solve a green system vault, after solving a screen popped up that gave the option to purchase the vault for 1,000 Crystal Keys. Each blue tier key region was able to purchase up to 100 green vaults.  

The benefits that come along with owning a Green User Vault are a 5% green key return on all green keys spent on the Green User Vault, there have been additional features alluded to from the Devs, and you are taking over an important node in the Cubieverse. You can read the full details in their Medium article.

The United States and Canada have already sold out their Green User Vaults, while the UK bought 88 Green Vaults and the Philippines has 1 on the map! Hunter IsThisAllowed purchased a total of 13 Green User Vaults in London, UK! No Green User Vaults have been purchased in El Salvador or Malaysia as of yet.

While the devs have stated that they would release additional batches of Green Vaults for purchase, no update has been provided as to when that will be.

Coin Hunt Fest 2023 Update

Vegas Baby! - A Grande Life

While we get closer to the date of Coin Hunt Fest, the window to purchase your Pro Hunter Badges will soon be closing. Those who opt to stay at the Resort World hotel during their stay at Coin Hunt Fest will receive Pro Hunter Status which includes a Resort World Cubie, access to the Saturday night cocktail party, and a chance to win the Ace Cubie Blueprint.

Don’t have General Admission to Coin Hunt Fest but want to attend with Pro Hunter status? You can book your room at Resort World here before February 10th and have 5 Yellow Keys in your inventory to purchase the GA pass. 

Full details can be found in this Medium Article, including a comprehensive FAQ.

Shop Drop

File:CatCubie Bannerv3.png

Me-WOW! Cat Blueprints temporarily returned to the Shop on January 21st and were on sale for 7 days! This is the second time the Cat Cubie Blueprints have entered the shop and were sold for 2 Green Keys each. The sale ended January 28th at 00:00h UTC and 30,879 Blueprints were sold during this Shop Drop! 

If you missed out on this op-purr-tunity, don’t fret; just over half of the 100,000 Blueprints available have sold from the last 2 Shop Drops, leaving just over 47,000 Blueprints available for the next time it enters the Shop.

Though it might be a while until we see them come back, as the first sale was held on October 15th, 2021.

2022 Coin Hunt World Summary

What were the most equipped Cubies by Country in 2022? Most failed trivia question? Longest Auction?

The Coin Hunt World team released the 2022 Year in Review article on Medium which is chock full of stats including the amount of crypto that was paid out to players, number of vaults solved, and most Cubies printed by 1 hunter.

SPOILER ALERT: it was WestBeachMusic who printed them.

While we look back and remember what was promised but not delivered (WEN TAGGING?!), here’s a reminder of the accomplishments made by the dev team during the year 2022:

  • BETA launch in El Salvador, Philippines, and Malaysia

  • Upgraded HQ system

  • Auction House Filters

  • Daily Mystery Boxes and Walking Quests

  • Hawaii Volcano Quest with Multiplayer feature

  • Improved Happy Hour

  • Implementation of Crystal Keys

  • Adventure Road and the Adventure Pass

  • Introduction of the newest CHW Events: The World Cup Event and Cubie Air

  • Achievement Cubies

  • New Referral Rewards System

  • Map Migration

  • Localized the entire game in Spanish

  • Development of anti-cheat tools

  • Tons of Performance and Device Compatibility Upgrades

This does not include any events that repeat every year (CNY, Hawaii Event, etc) and other day-to-day operational tasks.

While it’s easy to remember the things that were delayed or fell through the cracks when it comes to development, we should remember all the things that were delivered that have improved game play and functionality.

New Christmas Event HQ Blueprint

Christmas Event 2022’s tickle box was giving out the same epic gingerbread headquarter blueprint as 2021.  IW had initially said that CHW didn’t have time to create a new blueprint.  Before the event ended, IW promised that a new 2023 headquarter blueprint will be given out after the event is over.  A few days ago, everyone who finished the Christmas Event and opened the tickle box had the duplicate blueprint automatically swapped out with a new one.  It looks AMAZING!!


What’s Happening in the Auction House

With Adventure Road having had 5Win an Auction” this month as their Hard Daily Challenge, and so close to the end, prices are seemingly more stable and less FOMO into quick hundreds of random cubies or such. Rarer Blueprints such as the Epic World Cup Cubie BP, Nutcracker, and Wombat continue to trickle in fairly routinely while much rarer fair is pretty scarce. Resources are often available across all but the rarest items. Cubies continue to sell regularly, with even rarer Epics still making a showing. HQ Skins seem to be trending down from when last this author really looked, guessing that Hunters are starting to realize that they can’t really enjoy more than one, while Adventure Road and Events likely will continue to provide more options.

Data Collection

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  • Cubiecrane Updates

  • Auction House Sale

  • Mystery Box Survey

  • Yellow and Green Vault Survey

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  • And More

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Phone Compatibility Survey
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Sushi quest in Vegas for a week for CHF Also extra Greens nearby



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