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January Global Top 5 Hunters

Congratulations goes to Gaterole, who placed 1st on the Global Leaderboard for the month of January and the first in 2023!

Hunters Noah52, IsthisAllowed, Charby, and Coleee also placed on the Global Leaderboard podium in January! Congratulations to you all!


Green Vaults

With the first batch of green vaults selling out in record time, many players have been wondering when they would get the next opportunity to acquire a green vault. To satiate our collective curiosities, Illusionweaver alluded there would be monthly batches for sale and that the next batch will be available later this month. He also stated there would be an announcement later this week, with a contest and a date for when the next batch would be made available. If you missed the first batch and are curious what this entails, here is what we know so far:

  • Any green vault that has not already been claimed by another player can be claimed. To claim a green vault, you will need to visit the green vault, solve it successfully, and on the last screen, you will be given the option to claim it. To claim it, you will need 1000 crystal keys. Tip # 1: if you intend to claim a green vault, make sure you have not yet solved that green vault on the day the next batch of green vaults is available, otherwise you will not be able to interact with it until it resets the next day. Tip # 2: ensure you have 1000 crystal keys in your inventory prior to interacting with the green vault. You can purchase crystal keys at your HQ by clicking on Shop -> Crystal Keys.

  • Currently, owners of green vaults will receive a 5% kickback of all keys inserted. This 5% kickback will be paid out weekly on Saturdays at 00:00 UTC. If the kickback for that week is a fraction of a green key, then it will be carried over to the following week. For example, if 65 keys were inserted into your green vault during the week, you will receive 3 green keys and the remaining fractional amount will be carried forward.

  • There will be other benefits for green vault owners as Illusionweaver has hinted at:

So far, he has suggested user-owned green vaults will spawn special quests in the future.

Coin Hunt Fest 2023 Update

Coin Hunt Fest Bundle - $800

There is now a new option to purchase a Coin Hunt Fest Bundle, which includes a 3-night stay at Resorts World Las Vegas from March 10 - 12, a Pro Hunter Badge and a General Admission pass for Coin Hunt Fest, using $800 of in-game earned crypto. To purchase this bundle, send Prof Xavier (discord id: Prof.Xavier#0821) a direct message on discord. Note that this is the only remaining method for obtaining a GA pass for Coin Hunt Fest.

Puzzle Time!

If you have been following any of Coin Hunt World’s socials, you may have come across mysterious bits and bobs of an image such as: 

If you fancy yourself a challenge, join fellow Coin Hunt World players Khag and Ste9ABF in reconstructing the image using their Google Doc:

GA Pass Refunds

If you purchased a GA Pass blueprint from the Shop for 5 yellow keys and do not intend to travel to Las Vegas for Coin Hunt Fest 2023, you can request a refund by submitting a support ticket in the Coin Hunt World app.

Official Coin Hunt Fest Article  

To read the latest official news article on Coin Hunt Fest, see:

February Trivia Topics

Trivia topics for the month of February include:

  • Automotive

  • Books

  • Fashion

  • General Knowledge

  • Geography

  • Health and Medicine

  • Math

  • Sports

  • TV

  • Word Play


Which trivia topic are you excited to see return?

February’s Adventure Road

Even though the month of February only has 28 days, we still have 30 tiers of Adventure Road to complete. It’s been dubbed the “hardcore month” due to the decreased number of days to finish Adventure Road.

But that didn’t stop Minel from completing all of February’s Adventure Road in 9 days!

Western Canada has been killing it when it comes to hunters being first to complete Adventure Road, with WestBeachMusic starting off 2023 strong for players in British Columbia. For the month of March will Western Canada maintain their “First to Complete AR” status, or will they be dethroned?

Some changes that were made to this month’s Adventure Road was the addition of White Paint, and a noticeable shift in resource allocation with a decrease in Paint rewards for free Adventure Road players. 

White Paint has never been a reward on Adventure Road, so its addition has been welcomed by many as this resource is only available in El Salvador, Malaysia and the Philippines. While many players rejoiced that it was added to this month’s AR, IllusionWeaver warned hunters to not get used to the idea as it wouldn’t be available on every Adventure Road.

Rewards for Adventure Road were shifted where those who purchased an Adventure Pass saw a noticeable increase in rewards while the free side noticed a decrease. The total number of rewards have not decreased (with the exception of Paint) but have been redistributed so they are not 50/50. 

Example: Anthurium Flowers for the month of January were distributed 50 on each side (total of 100 flowers) but for the month of February free Adventure Road players will receive 40 Anthurium Flowers while Paid Adventure Pass players will receive 60.

Paint was previously rewarded at 2000 Paint total (1000 on each the paid and free side) for the months of November and December, and 1000 total (500 on each paid and free side) in the month of January. For the month of February changes were made to reflect 700 Paint for those who purchased an Adventure Pass and just 300 Paint for free players. IllusionWeaver has stated that they will review and modify Paint drops for March’s Adventure Road rewards.

Vault 3/3/3 Tracking Data

Hunter Harley continues to track their returns from Blue Vaults since the 3/3/3 Mechanism was introduced. Their most recent data from their last 1000 vaults are as follows:

Crypto Only: 305 vaults (30.5%)
Resource Only: 348 vaults (34.8%)
Choice: 347 (34.7%)

They’ve recorded their rewards from 4000 Blue Vaults (separating out the vaults during the Halloween event, thinking the numbers might be different for events) and their data shows that the returns are a fairly consistent spread with the 3/3/3 Mechanism:

Crypto Only: 1297 vaults (32.43%)
Resource Only: 1314 vaults (32.85%)
Choice: 1389 (34.73%)

While some players may feel that the 3/3/3 Mechanism is “broken” or purposely skewing higher payouts to Resource Only, when the data is recorded with a higher sample size (i.e. 1000 instead of 10 Blue Vaults) you can see that the numbers are more aligned with the 3/3/3 Mechanism. 

You can try it yourself with this Spinner: in the drop down box select “Yes, No, Maybe” and let’s say “Yes” is Crypto, “No” is Resources, and “Maybe” is Choice. Spin the wheel 3 times to see if you can get 1 of every outcome. While, in theory, each number has an equal 33.33% chance that it will be selected you will see that out of 3 spins it may be difficult to hit each number once and have an even distribution. These were our results from 3 and 100 spins.

As you can see with a higher sample size of 100 spins, the distribution was a lot more even and closer to 33.33% than when we only spun 3 times. The higher the sample size, the more true the data reflects. Here’s our results after 1000 spins.

While you may have a 33% chance to get a crypto payout from vaults, this does not equate that you will get crypto every 3rd vault you open. 



3 Spins

100 Spins

1000 Spins

Yes - Crypto


31 (31.00%)

337 (33.7%)

No - Resource


35 (35.00%)

316 (31.6%)

Maybe - Choice


34 (34.00%)

347 (34.7%)

Data Collection

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