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Green Vaults - Round 2

The second batch of green vaults were released on February 16th at noon UTC.  100 additional green vaults were added to each country.  This means each country has a total of 200 green vaults up for sale. 

New cubie blueprints have been announced to incentivise hunters to buy a green vault or two.  A new common cubie blueprint (builder class) will be given to everyone who purchased a green vault (either from batch 1 or 2).  A new rare cubie blueprint (builder class) will be given to everyone in the first country that sells out 200 green vaults.  This means that hunters in the first country (Congrats American hunters!) that sells out 200 green vaults will receive both the new common and the new rare cubie blueprints.  

The new blueprints have not been revealed so there is not a sneak peak at how the new builder cubies look like.  These blueprints are scheduled to be released at the end of March.

For all future green vaults sales in batch 3 and above, all hunters will receive the common cubie blueprint.

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Valentine’s Day Twitter Contest

ImageDid you participate in the CHW Valentine’s day contest?  All you had to do was reply to the tweet with a photo (of anything) for a chance to win a contest box.  14 random hunters were chosen. 


Find out who these hunters are and what photos they posted:

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Cubie Battle Twitter Contest

On Feb 16th, CHW released another twitter contest.  The rules of this contest was for hunters to wear any tiki, cat or soccer cubie.  There was a twist to this contest which created some confusion.  Instead of the most popular cubie type winning, this contest was looking for the least popular cubie type to win.  This means, when the snapshot of the leaderboard was taken on Feb 24th 0:00 UTC, the goal was to find the cubie type least seen on the leaderboard as winners.  The prize was 1 contest box. This contest would only become active if the tweet was retweeted 700 times.  

Unfortunately, this tweet never reached 700 retweets and the least popular cubie type was never declared.

Coin Hunt Fest News

The schedule for CHW Fest 2023 has been released.  In less than 2 weeks, hunters will gather in Las Vegas for good food, good drinks, and good company.  Let’s not forget the special hunting event that will only be available in Vegas.  

The schedule for CHW Fest 2023 has been released.  In less than 2 weeks, hunters will gather in Las Vegas for good food, good drinks, and good company.  Let’s not forget the Monumental Quest that will only be available in Vegas.  

It is not too late to join!

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Data Collection

We are always looking for data from the game to help the wiki! Click on the
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  • Cubiecrane Updates

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Phone Compatibility Survey
The latest game update was supposed to provide Memory Optimization so anyone reporting it running better/worse lately please report back to Cata’s Phone Compatibility Survey.
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Wiki Blog

Have you had a chance to check out the Coin Hunt World Wiki Blog yet? If not, what are you waiting for? With great titles such as:

  1. The Cubieverse Index – November Update (by: peregrine) 

  2. I’m on my Way… My Love/Hate Relationship with Adventure Road (by: fullofdumplins) 

  3. Building Up Your Hunting Grounds as a Suburban Hunter (by: Lucvend) 

  4. The LiMpY37 Way… July 2022 Leaderboard Push (by: marlov)

  5. Cubie Air Trivia Winners (by: Anonymous Players)

  6. And More…

There is bound to be something that you will be interested in. Stop by and check it out here:

Beans Beans Beans from Illusionweaver

Should we all DM IW for an OG blueprint?

CHW GA/VIP cubie recipesRed key is not needed for CHW Fest?  No red vault?

Vegas Monumental Quest (2 parts)

CHW Fest hunter preparation:


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