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This newsletter was made possible by contributions from joone, korlitheal, and littlepenguiy.  

Thanks everyone for their photo contributions!

Coin Hunt Fest 2023

Coin Hunt Fest 2023 took place from March 10-12.  Many hunters arrived on Friday the 10th and were warmly greeted…

Rumour has it there’s a spin the wheel game where you win $$$ if it lands on a cubie you own.  A Missy cubie gets you $50 and a Canada cubie lands you $20.  

Some even found time to do the Sushi Quest.

Those with VIP tickets had nothing but positives to say about Resort World.  Here is a little peek at the luxury and swag our VIP hunters were treated with:

Korlithiel’s Summary of Las Vegas Monument

The quest started by interacting with the monument (anytime after 1pm local) at Resorts world (RW), and paying a yellow key.  Interaction radius is print-shop-big, but then again the whole of RW is bigger still so you have to be on foot and inside.

Once it started, blue vaults would always only drop a card box.  Either a card you didn’t have yet (you can check on the quest screen) or a joker (both the quest screen and inventory).

Walking up the strip towards the Las Vegas sign (but only needing to I think it was the Lux) there is a set of 4 quests.  These ranged from the truck going around the strip (sometimes visible also on the in-game map) with QR codes that if scanned (either with the in-game QR code scanner hidden in settings, or out of the game via your camera and follow the link), a broken water fountain that you had to, one item at a time, go back and forth collecting and dropping off the parts, a photo at a fountain, to finally a memory match the cards game.

Day one, other than aces from quests, only red cards.

Sometimes after we set out the Shady Card Dealer NPC showed up in front of RW.  He may offer a player the option to spend twenty jokers to buy a random (not an ace, those were the quests) card they were missing.  At 5pm local sharp (hour after reset) the quest paused.

There is generally no cryptocurrency, but the quest did pay out green tier cryptocurrency boxes on top of the ace cards.


Finding the in-game QR code scanner was accidental and neat, but it failed when I tried to scan the truck.  The workaround was to scan a photo someone else took of the truck.  Some areas had bad signal and walking doesn’t track well along that route.

Twice the game struggled to load for pretty much everyone, some being logged out and having to re-log back in.  Myself, I’m from Seattle so year round is a bit drier but threatening to be as wet as the UK.  So the dry air and the heat was a nice change, others got blisters and more.

Las Vegas Monumental Top 30 Winners

1) wrwilm 

2) TheBrizzle 

3) Luffysan 

4) MrJesus 

5) Eradipa 

6) Justwin 

7) Geeya 

8) Breekl 

9) Minel 

10) Flyppers 

11) Korlithiel 

12) isthisallowed 

13) Adhamhnon 

14) Drkr 

15) Cata 

16) Beatsmebydre 

17) Atrocities 

18) Bardo 

19) PBLandLBS 

20) Marlov 

21) Lucvend 

22) Goldminer 

23) Feedgoat2000 

24) MrsChavoChipp 

25) Trugoy 

26) Jnhawk 

27) ChavoChipp 

28) MaxEffort1432 

29) Grammagotcoin 

30) IDFK

Hunter’s Lodge


It looks like big changes are coming.  Stay tuned.  The Wiki Newsletter will have a special edition summarizing Hunter’s Lodge.

Legendary Ace Blueprint

Do you remember the legendary blueprint named Ace who was supposed to be given out during Cubie Air?  When Cubie Air was cancelled, Ace giveaway was also cancelled.  

CHW said they would find another opportunity to give Ace away.  This just happened at Coin Hunt Fest Award Ceremony.  Hunter Belnak was the lucky winner.  I wonder how much Ace will go for in the Auction House… 

Congratulations Belnak!

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