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Hunter's Lodge 7
  • TL;DR can be found at the end if you’d like a super concise summary of Hunters Lodge 7

  • You can find a recorded version of HL7 on Toasties’ Youtube Channel (Skip to 13:13 if this link doesn’t automatically)

  • A recent tweet would suggest that an official version of HL7 will be coming out on the Coin Hunt World Youtube channel, but as of publish date, nothing so far.


We started off being shown some statistics about crypto earned and the Milestones that have been achieved:

  • 170,000 installs

  • 85,287 active user vaults

  • 60,084 walking quests

  • 226,015 cubbies printed

  • 35 events held

  • 2 monuments launched (this includes Resorts World in Vegas)


  • Bitcoin: 45.49

  • Ethereum: 667.02

  • Dogecoin: 107,226.14

2020 - Initiate Core Gameplay Loop

2021 - Increase Player Participation

2022 - Develop event types and Engagement  

2023 - The Year of Building

Main Goals
  • Get accepted on iOS

  • Global Exports

  • Broader audience and more players


Coin Hunt World is the Beta for the upcoming transition to “Cubieverse” which is the intended name for full release. The two will run in parallel for a while (there was no clear distinction as to exactly what this meant)

Objectives while launching Cubieverse
  • Increase content density, refilling each country to give plenty of vaults for everyone to hit

  • No more 3/3/3 (for anyone not familiar with that term, the current general interpretation of this is the division of ⅓ chance getting crypto, ⅓ getting purely resources, and ⅓ getting a choice between the 2 will be removed and hopefully return to a system similar or exactly like the one before it where vaults dropped multiple boxes rewarding players with both of the above)

  • New reward system - CubieCoins instead of direct crypto, choose what to do with them - intention is to help the Apple situation and add more and more partners as time goes on

New Export System

Apple — CubieCoins → Export → Gift Card 

Google Play — CubieCoins → Export → Gift Card OR Crypto

Until iOS is fully accepted, Apple users will be able to login on an Android devices to conduct their exports if they desire to

The Cubieverse

Discussions are ongoing with mentors and partners to initiate the building out of the Cubieverse and significant marketing to reach the next million users is being planned.

The Cubiverse is a gamified layer built on top of the real world. It rewards users for their interactions in a fun and engaging way. It’s a win win win - you do something that is good for you, you do it in a fun way, and you get rewarded for doing it. Current players are pioneers of the Cubieverse. KKP describes it as anti-social media. Gets you off the couch and into your community.

Cubieverse Features

Cubie-Witch Cubie.png

  • Cubie Stats

    • Level

    • Class

    • Element

    • Zodiac Sign

  • Further stats to come

Different types of players will be able to create a different experience for themselves.


Hunter - Trader - Producer - Explorer - Builder - More to come?

  • Buy 

  • Stamp 

  • Build

  • Operate

Construction BPs (For more details on each structure, please refer to the video of HL7)



  • Decorative (Trees, Street Lights, Benches, etc.) - likely will not need a cubie to operate, minimal cost, 1 stamp

  • Functional (Resin Tree, Trade Shack, Lucky Fountain, Vending Machine, Advanced Print Shop etc.) - may or may not need a cubie to operate, slightly higher than minimal cost, 1 stamp

  • Premium (Pizzaria, Flower Shop, Coffee Shop, ) May or may not initiate quests, specific cubie to operate, higher cost (~1000 crystal keys), 3 stamps

  • Iconic (Monuments, similar well known places)

In the Near Future

Cubieverse - SUMMER 2023 Launch

Hunters Lodge 8 - May 7th, 11am PST


- 2023 is "The Year of Building"

- A new app, “Cubieverse” is set to be released this summer and it will run in parallel with Coin Hunt World until its fully release (no official date on that at this time) and the transition is made. 

- Cubieverse will allow for tagging and building many new things and is planned to increase the content density for players

- Next Hunters Lodge is scheduled for May 7th, 11am PST

Data Collection

We are always looking for data from the game to help the wiki! Click on the
    button on the main Wiki Page to provide us with 

  • Cubiecrane Updates

  • Auction House Sale

  • Mystery Box Survey

  • Yellow and Green Vault Survey

  • Tiki Print Survey

  • And More

Artwork created by Kevostrings

Phone Compatibility Survey
The latest game update was supposed to provide Memory Optimization so anyone reporting it running better/worse lately please report back to Cata’s Phone Compatibility Survey.
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