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March Global Top 5 Hunters

Congratulations to z1ddax, placing 1st in the Global Leaderboards! 

Great job to Ze0t, LittlePenguiy, Adhamhnon, and ChavoChipp for making the podium for the month of March.

Will YOU be making a run for the April Global Leaderboards? Tweet us at @chw_wiki and at @CHW_WikiTeam to let us know!


Coin Hunt Alberta Discord Giveaway Update

Albertan Hunters continue to get more and more excited for the release of Structures and want you to be, too.

That’s why fullofdumplins announced that they’ve upped the prize for their Canada-wide Giveaway; instead of giving away 100 Crystal Keys for one lucky winner build their first structure, the Coin Hunt Alberta Moderator Team will be giving away 200 Crystal Keys for one lucky winner to build TWO 100 Crystal Key Structures in the Cubieverse!

Original contest details can be found here.

Just a friendly reminder that this giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored, nor endorsed by Coin Hunt World or Titanium Toaster; and fully sponsored and organized by the Coin Hunt Alberta Discord Moderator Team.

Coin Hunt World Bitcoin Predictions Contest

If there’s one thing that the Coin Hunt World devs know about their Community, is that we love our contests!

On April 2nd, they announced a Bitcoin Prediction Contest on Twitter. Hunters needed to have a Colored Cubie equipped by April 5th at 00:00 UTC to guess what the price of Bitcoin would be on April 8th at 00:00 UTC. Each Cubie had their own value associated with their color.

While it appeared that many people believed that the price of Bitcoin would reach over 28k USD and donned a Green Cubie, those who equipped a Blue Cubie won the Predictions Contest. 

Anyone who equipped a Color Cubie received a participation award of 1 Contest Box, and those who wore a Blue Cubie won 3 Contest Boxes and 10 Crystal Keys!

Did you participate in this predictions contest? Let us know if you guessed correctly, and what was in your Contest Box!

Good News for People Who Love… Well, News!

Have you heard of Cubienews? It’s a new blog site created by Lucvend to share all things in the Cubieverse! 

Lucvend has always been known for his great write ups on Publish0x, sharing a plethora of knowledge and thoughts about Coin Hunt World including starter tips and pro hunter strategies. 

Come check out the news at Cubienews!

New Phone Survey

Cata is hard at work keeping up with all the newest Coin Hunt World updates and how well they work with each make and model of phones that our Community uses.

Please check out the most recent phone survey and fill out your details to help the Community! Your contributions help us narrow down the best performing phones (and the worst) for Coin Hunt World.

New Shop Drop?

IllusionWeaver made mention in Hunter’s Hangout that a new Shop Drop will be coming at the end of April. Not much details have been provided, except that it will cost 2 Yellow Keys and that it’s an Animal.

Is this the much anticipated “Spring Cubie'' some have been hoping would drop in the shop? What kind of animal will they be introducing to the Cubieverse?

Send us a comment on what you think or hope it will be!

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