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Meet Acbbchris

Acbbchris started playing CHW in July 2021, as their friends from NBATopShot were chatting it up, and “I was seeing the real money they were making by just exploring our city! Still not +EV in TS though!” They’re a casual hunter, though have definitely gone all-in during events. In fact, the Elemental Invasion Event motivated them to create a Discord server for their local city's base! That initiative paid off for those local hunters in November, as one Epic Cauldron was stirred by over a dozen players during the final few hours of the Halloween Event 2021.

And in regards to the Leaderboard, “I travel throughout the four Atlantic Canadian provinces for work, usually bringing my HQ with me, which makes it difficult to crack the Top 5 at home, but I anticipate to make the leaderboard in four provinces this month, which helps pad the key total.”

Acbbchris’s final message: “The community behind the CHW resources, from the Community Map and CHW Wiki projects, are so great, and support hunters worldwide in their pursuit, and I am proud to be a small part of it!”

And we are so lucky to have them as part of the Wiki team!


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