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Meet Alriad

Alriad started playing CHW in September 2021 and is a Philadelphia based player. He is active on the community Discord and involved with collecting data and analyzing things such as Drop rates from Vaults, Cat Cubie Blueprints, and documenting Auction House current prices with ISpeakNerd.


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  • First player to print the Snoozy Cat Cubie on October 15th 2021, 5 min after official release.
  • First player to photoshop a Coin Hunt World Wiki page.
First photoshopped Coin Hunt World Wiki page


Alriad blue cubie collector meme made by kevostrings

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region LB Link Place Prize
1 November 2021 Country Leaderboard USA 🔎 10th 1 Yellow Key
1 November 2021 Global Leaderboard Global 🔎 19th

Pennsylvania Leaderboard Rankings

  • 1st place finish on the Pennsylvania Local Leaderboards in November 2021.
  • 6th place finish on the Pennsylvania Local Leaderboards in October 2021.