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The Architect Cubie is the first ever Legendary tier Cubie in Coin Hunt World. On September 17, at 8:15pm EST, player Zach won the Architect Blueprint auction with a bid of 5 Purple Keys, outbidding BlocBoi's previous bid of 4 Purple Keys and 2 Red Keys.

Architect Blueprint

Blueprint Resources

The required blueprint resources are slowly shared by some of the Coin Hunt World content creators as Zach is telling them 1 ingredient at a time.

  1. 100,000 Resin, shared by Rootsnaturally on her podcast
  2. 100 Beach Cocktails, shared by SMOOSHIE on Tiktok
  3. 1,000 Dragon Scales, shared by Trashtoob on Twitch
  4. 1,000 Red Ribbons, shared by ITGUY on his Podcast

First Architect Cubie Progress

Zach has collected the following resources:

Architect recipe: 100,000 Resin, 100 Beach Cocktails, 1,000 Dragon Scales, 1,000 Red Ribbons



The first Legendary Cubie blueprint was added to the Auction House with a starting bid of 20,000 Blue Keys which is equivalent to 2 Purple Keys. There is only 1 Blueprint per legendary cubie in the game. The Architect cubie will have a Passive Bonus which is still unknown. Only the owner will see the passive bonus and can either keep it a secret or share with the community.

At the time it was released, there were only a handful of players with enough keys to be able to bid on this blueprint.

Live streams

Bidding History

  • BlocBoi placed the first bid for Blue Key 30,000
  • Zach placed the second bid for Blue Key 31,000
  • BlocBoi placed the third bid for Blue Key 35,000
  • Zach placed the fourth bid for Blue Key 36,000
  • BlocBoi placed the fifth bid for Blue Key 38,500
  • Zach placed the sixth bid for Blue Key 40,000
  • BlocBoi placed the seventh bid for Blue Key 42,000
  • Zach placed the eighth and final bid for Blue Key 50,000