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Coin hunt related Art created by the community!

Stories, Songs, Poems and Jokes

Enjoy some content from your fellow coin hunters!

Kookoopuffs, our Willy Wonka

An Epic Cubie

I never thought my life could be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see
A bit of good luck for me

'Cause I got a epic cubie
I've got a epic twinkle
In my eye

Into The Mind of Lepidoctora

An assortment of creations by our wonderful moderator, Lepidoctora.

Generational Wealth

The old man planted this tree long ago, thinking he would not live to see it bear fruit. He's an old man of the old world, with a nature and characteristic belonging to thoughtful gentlemen of years gone by. The kind of man who plants trees for his children's children's children, thinking he would not live to sit in its shade.

But, he did not realize, this was a magic seed.

He did not realize, this was the seed of bitcoin. The tree grew faster than he could have ever imagined. And it spawned strange fruit, and when his children ate the fruit, they became something more than human.

He did not realize, the singularity would come, and his children, and his children's children, would take a very different form than he would.

You can see here, two mature cubies, Qipao and Dragon, and their offspring, Red Cubie and Green Cubie.

It's Chinese New Year, and they're celebrating the Bitcoin Tree.

It drops vaults as fruit.

This is a story about investing in the future, even if you might not think you would be the one to benefit from that future.

This is a story about bitcoin becoming generational wealth.

The end.

Dragon Scales

This is a story about dragon scales.

They're all gone now, you know. The dragons. But you might, once on a night when the moon is full, see a faint red glimmer in the earth, and push the cold dirt aside to reveal a scale, palm-sized and warm to touch. It will be the first dragon's scale you've ever seen, and you will be surprised at its residual heat.

You'll take it to the alchemist, who will offer you two flasks of ether and one golden bit for it - a fraction of its worth in the high markets of the capital, but you won't know any better. You'll take the ether and drink it by week's end, and the golden bit, well, you lose it gambling on a game of ripple.

The alchemist travels once a month to the capital. There, he contacts the wizard of the high king. Encrypted messages pass back and forth about the scale, still pulsing warm as if alive. The wizard, recognizing the value of the scale, buys it for no less than one hundred and twenty golden bits and a trained familiar, a scrappy golden-cream dog that the alchemist brings home to the delight of his young son.

The wizard grinds the scale to powder, and enlists a blind weaver to spin moonlight and dragonscale powder into fabric. (Do not ask how the weaver comes to be blind, or what price the wizard or the weaver pay to spin moonlight. This is a story meant for children to hear, you know.) With this, he makes a dragon's-fabric cloak. It is endlessly warm even in the face of a thousand thousand miles of icy wilderness.

But this isn't a story about the wizard and the dragon cloak. This is a story about dragon scales. You asked, why are the scales so rare?

I ask, who hunted the dragons to extinction?

You already know the answer, even if you don't know the why, or the how.

You, and all who came before you, all those who are coded in the nucleotide bases of your chain of existence, you killed the dragons. They fed on the power of myth, you know. And each step you took into this new world of order, and reason, and science, each time one of you decoded the bond-breaking of chemistry and the atom-splitting of physics, the dragons starved further. Starved until they became memory.

Until all that was left, on a night where you felt that the world was full of magic and myth and potential, was a crimson disk with the warmth of a beating heart.

And you gave that away for two flasks of ether and a golden bit. Was it worth it?

The Beginning

In the beginning was the Nakamoto
and he both created the Satoshi and was the Satoshi
he said, "Fiat Bitcoin!"
and lo, there was Bitcoin

Satoshi Drift

CHW mods and devs: please be safe
Coin Hunters: *tokyo drift*

Untitled, Mar 14, 2021

Scene: BTC Academy

Prof.Xavier looks up from CoinHuntBro, his super computer. "A purple vault has spawned."
The Cryptomen look at each other.
"We have to unlock it and get JeuAzarru to move it before the SEC finds it."
Cryptomen... to the moon!

CHW on Mars, year 2070

Ruf and Amico, hunting on Olympus Mons...
They approach a User Vault planted by Elon himself. Red vault for red planet.
Successfully, they unlock the vault.
But, Amico gets a Gold Rush event!
Starlink pings out a signal to all nearby hunters.
Amico must return to Mars Base Alpha before any other hunter can come to the Red Vault.
Good thing you're buddy hunting...
Ruf pulls out a Not-Flamethrower. "I've got you."
Amico takes off, bouncing in the lower gravity.
Ruf hits Ignite and defends the vault from all incomers so Amico can get home for bonus 6969 resin.


Fiiiiiighting Gensler by moonlight
Wiiiiiiinning DOGE by daylight
Never running from a real fight
He is the one named Kookoopuffs

BlocBoi CoinHunt

Are ya ready kids?
(Aye aye kookoo!)
I can't heaaaar you
(Aye aye Illu!)

Ooooohhhhhh who lives in a purple vault on Hawaii
Blocboi Coin Hunt!
Cubic and blocky and crypto is he
Blocboi Coin Hunt!
If decentralized finance be something you wish
Blocboi Coin Hunt!
Then coin hunt the dip and go eat the rich!
Blocboi Coin Hunt!
Blocboi Coin Hunt Blocboi Coin Hunt Blocboi Coin Hunt
Blocboiiiiiiiii Coin Huuuuuuunt

The Dip

take my love
take my land
take me where I cannot stand

I don't care
I'm still free
you can't take the dip from me


If there's some huge crash
In your portfolio
Who you gonna call
(Coin Hunters)
If there's some big dip
And it don't look good
Who can you call
(Coin Hunters)
I'm HODLing
I'm not afraid, not afraid
I'm not afraid, not afraid

Coin Hunting Rhymes

have fun getting fit, while collecting bit -Professor Xavier

Coin Hunting Songs


First Coin Hunt World song on Youtube, written and preformed by Beatsmebydre.


"Compete" - a tribute to all those who take a run at glory

"Compete" - to Radiohead's "Creep"

Link to video on Instagram:

Thrift Shop

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 blue keys in my pockets
I’m hunting, looking for a key booth
This is f***ing awesome …

Got my mind set on you

I'm gonna play Coin Hunt World!
C'mon let's play Coin Hunt World!
I wanna play Coin Hunt World!
C'mon let's play Coin Hunt World!

so you wanna get some crypto
A whole lotta precious crypto
You're gonna get plenty of crypto
If you answer right child
You're gonna need keeeeeeeeeys
A whole lotta precious keys
It's gonna take plenty of keys
To get on, to get on, to get on, to get on, to get on the leaderboards!

I'm gonna play Coin Hunt World!
C'mon let's play Coin Hunt World!
I wanna play Coin Hunt World!
C'mon let's play Coin Hunt World!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the event cubies underneath the Christmas UVsss
I just want Lep’s blue cubie for my own
More than Lep could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is your blue

Oh, I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for keys
I'm just gonna keep on waiting for the auction house posting
I won't make a list and send it to IW or KPP
I won't even stay out hunting to see those epic Christmas tree UVs

'Cause I just want your blue cubie
Sitting in my inventory so right
What key offer can I do?
Oh, Lep, all I want for Christmas is your blue

Coin hunting snippets

Come for the crypto, stay for the game.

Equip a too-key.
Now every keybooth you touch
will give you two keys.

Drawings and Paintings

No thoughts, head empty

By Coco (@rococokara#3538)

Mushroom Cubie

By Coco (@rococokara#3538)

Gray Cat Cubie Sketch

By Shogun (@FiRECIoud#4809)

Scarecrow Cubie Concept

By AnaliteGleem

Spooky Skeleton Cubie Concept

By AnaliteGleem

CubieFriend Discord Bot Avatar

By Shyzence#8494