Bitcoin Cubie

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Bitcoin Cubie
Rarity Rare
Cost 2 Yellow Keys
Recipe 2000 PaintYellow.png, 2000 PaintRed.png,

2000 Resin.png

Print Time 10min
Blueprints 663 (max 10'000)
Release June 6th 2021

The Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint was created for the Bitcoin Miami Special Event.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player.
  • The printing time is 10min.
  • Only 10'000 Blueprints are available in the game. The Blueprint will be available in the Shop once in a while until they are all sold.

Bitcoin Cubie Animation

Bitcoin Cubie animation

First purchased Bitcoin Cubie

Player SneakyBugger was the the first to purchase the Bitcoin Cubie on June 6th 2021 1 hour before official release due to a bug. The bug was fixed a few minutes later and SneakyBugger received the 2 Yellow Keys back.

First printed Bitcoin Cubie

Player mtougy was the the first to print the Bitcoin Cubie on June 6th 2021 10 min after official release. It was a tight race between mtougy, Anakura and BlocBoi.

First time available in the Shop

The Blueprint was available in the Shop for the first time on June 6th 2021 for a week. 663 Bitcoin Cubie Blueprints were sold in that week at a cost of 2 Yellow Keys.


Cost of the Bitcoin Cubie.
Message after purchasing the Bitcoin Cubie.