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Meet Blackzen

Blackzen was introduced to Coin Hunt World by his son, BISHBOX. Since that fateful day in August, Blackzen has been a fierce competitor, usually finding himself battling it out with other locals in the Vancouver scene. He introduced his wife MrsBlackzen to the game at the behest of other local power couples recently. Blackzen's favourite two days of playing have been 1) meeting several other local players at the Maritime Museum in Vancouver during the red vault spawn of the Elemental Invasion Event and 2) meeting fellow power couple Geeya and Minel at the infamous, very messy, former raging river vault. Fun fact: It was a chance encounter between Minel and Blackzen only because Blackzen dared to venture into the river to grab Minel's vault. Fearless leader in the making?


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Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region See Full LB Place Prize
1 December 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 26th 3 Green Key
1 November 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 27th 3 Green Key