Blue Key

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Blue Key
Opens Blue Vault
Value $0.1 USD
Forged by n/a
How to get Map, Resource Box

Blue Keys are used to open Blue Vaults which will drop a Blue Prize Box up to $0.1 USD worth of Cryptocurrency and a chance for a Resource Box.

Blue Keys can also be used as an in-game currency to buy items in the Shop or bid on items in the Auction House.

Respawn Time

To check how often Vaults and Keys refresh go to Respawn Timers.

How to get a Blue Key

  • Picking up from a Keybooth
  • From a Prize Box (5% chance when opening a Prize Box from a Blue Vault and 25% chance when opening a Prize Box from a Uservault)
  • Historical: Blue keys used to be obtainable by taking and posting a picture of the Vault location when prompted by a TwitterTwitter Box. This feature was removed on July 13, 2021.