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You and a buddy on your friends list may be paired up to complete a Coin Hunt World Buddy Quest to earn a Yellow Key each. Buddy quests are a randomly generated task given to players who have added each-other as friends. Each player will have to find a Vault within a 3 Mile/5 km radius of their respective HQs which has turned into the quest location. You will see red pings emanating from the direction you should look. You will have to coordinate with your buddy and each of you will have to be present at your respective buddy quest locations at the same time to complete the task. Both players have to click on the seesaw and play on it at the same time. Buddy Quests last a week before expiring. You can only have one Buddy Quest active at a time, so you may want to keep only active users on your friends list!

You can only get 1 Buddy Quest with each friend for now. But keep your active friends because the Developers mentioned that they will make changes to how the Buddy Quests trigger in the future.

New buddy quests seem to spawn for players about 7 days after the last one is completed. However, this is approximate. Some players have reported having only a 5 day delay between quests, while others have reported longer than 7 days.


The current loot contains 1 Yellow Key for each player in addition to Tier 3 leaderboard points (equivalent to solving one Yellow Vault).

Help! The Buddy Quest glitched and I didn't get my yellow key!

Don't worry. If the buddy quest page closes on you in the middle of doing the quest, your yellow key will be at your Headquarters. This still counts as completing the quest. This happens if either you or your buddy moves (walks away, drives off, etc.) while the cubies are bouncing about on the See-Saw.

How to find a new Buddy

  • Discord has a channel called "Buddy-Quests". This is the best option to find other active players. Most players match their Discord user name to the Coin Hunt World user name for easier communication.
  • Reddit has a "Monthly Buddy Quest Megathread" pinned to the Subreddit. Make sure you know the Coin Hunt World user name of the other person.

Buddy Quest when Travelling

Once the Coin Hunt World Buddy Quest spawns, it stays there even if the HQ is moved.

For travellers:

  • Disable the Buddy Quests in the Settings before you get a quest.
  • Remove the HQ and place it in a new location.
  • Enable the Buddy Quests in the Settings again if you want a quest to spawn in the new location.

What if my closest Vault is far away from my HQ?

If there are no vaults in a 3 mile (5 km) radius of your HQ to turn into a quest location, the game will pick a vault that is further away up to 15 miles (22 km). You might have to travel longer to get there but still get a seesaw at the quest location.