CHW v0.9.9

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Link to official announcement:

New Additions

Trivia Timer

  • Question timer implemented
  • Vault crypto rewards will be reduced according to time taken to respond starting Monday 08-23-2021
  • Timer only affects crypto rewards, in-game resource rewards are NOT affected.
  • 100% 60% 40% reward tiers

Vault Crypto Rewards by time to answer
Tier Time Reward Amount Notes
Perfect 0-3 s 100% coming soon
Great 3-10s 60% coming soon
Good 10-25s 40% coming soon


  • Map auto rotate feature now exists, it keeps the map oriented in the direction you're moving automatically.
  • Find the option in your profile by clicking your current cubie in the bottom left corner.

Remotely Destroy HQ

  • Pay 1 green key to destroy your HQ from anywhere.


Auction House Bid Size

  • Minimum bid "step" size will be 5 keys instead of 1. So If the current high bid is 30, then you re required to bid 35 minimum to takeover.

New Trivia

  • New categories and questions. Unsure yet on what exactly was added.
  • Added the "Cinema" category. This is different than Films. Unsure what the difference is.
  • Added the "Food & Drink" category.