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Chinese New Year 2021 - Year of the Ox.

The Coin Hunt World Chinese New Year Event occurs during Chinese New Year, typically in January or February each year. The cubies for the event were shown for the first time on the CHW medium page announcement on Monday February 1, 2021.

The Coin Hunt World Chinese New Year Event event is an annual event. Annual events will repeat with some changes -- Epic Cubie blueprints change each year.

  • The Event will start on Tuesday, February 1, 2021.
  • Special Resources will drop during the event.
  • The Chinese New Year cubie blueprints will only drop during the Chinese New Year event and then will not be available until the event repeats next Chinese New Year.
  • Chinese New Year in 2022 falls on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Chinese New Year Vault

  • On Monday February 1, 2021 players will see a floating Chinese New Year Vault in the sky. This vault will show a countdown to Chinese New Year.
  • On Thursday February 12, 2021 at 00:00 UTC, the vault will unlock and every player can click to interact with it. Once the vault is unlocked, you need to enter one Yellow Key to participate in the Chinese New Year Event!
  • When 100 players enter a Yellow Key, the Chinese New Year Vault will open and the Qipao blueprint and 60,000 satoshis (0.0006 BTC) will be distributed to participating players!

Start of the Event

February 1, 2021

End of the Event

February 13, 2021

Event Cubies

Chinese New Year 2021 - Year of the Ox - Cubies
Picture Name Rarity Recipe Print Time Notes
OxCubie.png Ox Cubie Common 200 CHNY1.png and 1000 Resin.png 5min MadRyan printed the first Cubie on Feb 4 2021. Ox Cubie Blueprint will not return until the next Year of the Ox in 2033.
QipaoCubie.png Qipao Cubie Rare 200 CHNY2.png, 200 CHNY3.png and 2000 Resin.png 10min Tendo printed first Cubie on Feb 4 2021. Qipao Cubie blueprint will return in the next CNY event.
FireDragonCubie.png Fire Dragon Cubie Epic 400 DragonScales.png, 400 Fire.png and 5000 Resin.png 20min Cryptosaoirse printed first Cubie. Only 31 blueprints dropped.

Red Boosted Vaults

During this event, US cities that have an active Yellow Vault (only LACMA) will have one regular vault somewhere in the city boosted to a Red Vault, which contains $100 worth of cryptocurrency! As soon as the first player finds AND solves the Boosted Vault, a three (3) hour countdown begins. For that time, the boosted vault remains at the boosted tier (red). Then, every 3 hours, the boosted vault will drop one tier until it is back to its normal state. If no players find the boosted vault within 72 hours, it will simply return to its regular state.

Where can I find boosted vaults?

Boosted vaults are often found at spots with nice views. You will not find a boosted vault on a random street corner. Basically, the boosted vault is most likely to appear at a location where people would take pictures.

I found a boosted vault, now what?

They behave just like normal vaults: open them with a key, answer a trivia question and earn crypto! If you encounter a boosted vault, make sure to bring enough keys — the higher the vault tier, the harder the trivia questions!