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Used for Pat Morita Cubie
How to get Resource Boxes

What are Chopsticks used for

Pat Morita Blueprint

Pat Morita Cubie Blueprint

The Pat Morita blueprint needs Chopsticks and Japanese Drums and Bonsai Trees to print the Pat Morita Cubie in the Printshop.

How to get Chopsticks

Resource Boxes

The only way to get Bonsai Trees in Coin Hunt World is from a Resource Box during the Pat Morita Event.

Green Vaults were transformed into Common Toriis during the Pat Morita Event.

During the event, any event resource boxes dropped from a Uservault or Blue Vault or Yellow Vault will contain 10x Chopsticks or 10x Bonsai Trees or 10x Japanese Drums. The Common Torii (i.e. Green Vault) has no trivia, has a guaranteed event resource box and contains 50x Chopsticks or 50x Bonsai Trees or 50x Japanese Drums.

Auction House Price History

Date Item Quantity Total Blue Key Blue Key
1901-01-01 01:01:01 Placeholder 1 1 1 1
1902-02-02 02:02:02 Placeholder 2 2 2 2