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The Coin Hunt World WikiPod is a podcast created and hosted by iSpeakNerd on Decemeber 6, 2021. Each episode features updates from the CHW WikiTeam on the state of the Wiki, WikiTeam member introductions, Bitcoin Crypto Ethereum Education 📚, and 🧶 Dubious Speculation on changes for the Coin Hunt World game.

List of episodes

Original Release Date Title Guest Special Event Topic(s) Discussed
December 06, 2021 "Teaser" iSpeakNerd WikiPod WikiPod Teaser
December 06, 2021 "Smart Contracts" Alriad Pat Morita Event Smart contracts
December 09, 2021 "Wikinews - December 9 2021" iSpeakNerd Pat Morita Event 3rd Hunters Lodge
December 14, 2021 "Play to Earn" Posp Play to Earn P2E game scene
December 19, 2021 "KYC - Part 1" Korkio Christmas Event 2021 Know Your Customer
December 27, 2021 "KYC - Part 2" Korkio Christmas Event 2021 Know Your Customer
January 14, 2022 "Crypto Exchanges" Fullofdumplins Suku Event Crypto Exchanges
January 21, 2022 "Tokenomics" Label.
Mintopoly Tokenomics
January 23, 2022 Wiki Community Call iSpeakNerd Wiki Admin Community Call

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