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Construction Blueprint

Construction Blueprint Icon


At Hunters_Lodge#3, the developers have announced the introduction of Construction Blueprints that will be used to build structures on the map.

The developers have also mentioned that a tagging system will be introduced so that players will be able to tag real life location with specific categories that future structures will be associated with (e.g. fountains, banks, bus stops, walking/cycling path, coffee shop). CHW will continuously release new tags and will generate a database of tags. Each Construction BP has a list of compatible tags. Also, each Construction BP has its own Construction Quests for players to complete in order to get that blueprint and build it. All structures will require a compatible Cubie to operate it. Some structures will require stocking resources (e.g. coffee beans for coffee shop, and you need to get stocked up, and maybe coffee beans only come from El Salvador). All structures will earn keys for the owner. The developers have mentioned several times that Uservault location will be instrumental for players to secure prime locations for structures.

Example of Player Structures: Lucky Fountain

  • Tag: You can only place <fountain> tags on real world fountains
  • Build: purchase Lucky Fountain Blueprint
    • Find a fountain tag
    • claim the tag with the BP
    • complete the Construction Quest
    • assign a compatible cubie
  • Operate: once active, all players can see the Lucky Fountain
    • they can throw a key in the fountain for 1 hour luck boost
    • percentage of keys thrown into fountain will go back to owner
    • means that everyone who has a UV on top of a fountain, will be able to build a lucky fountain on the 50m of land around their UV
    • there will be specific structures that can only be built by rural players, e.g. barn, field, farm

List of Construction Blueprints

2021 Christmas Event

Players can obtain the three Christmas Tree Construction Blueprints (Common, Rare, and Epic) from the Christmas Event 2021 Quest screen. They cost an 50, 500, and 1000 Candy Canes respectively to purchase.