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A Cubiecrane in Washington, D.C., USA.

Cubiecranes (cubie cranes) are in-game objects that players interact with to build permanent yellow vaults.

See Yellow Vault Locations for a list of all Cubiecranes and Yellow Vaults.


Fueling the Cubiecrane

Before a cubiecrane can start working to build a yellow vault, it requires one million resin as fuel. Players collaborate to fuel the cubiecrane by dragging resin into it in units of 10,000 resin at a time. When completely fueled, the cubiecrane awakens and will begin construction. After one week of construction, a yellow vault will replace the cubiecrane permanently.

Each increment of 10,000 resin provides the player with 100x Tier 1 Leaderboard Points.

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 metres of a Cubiecrane in order to interact with it.


The first Cubiecrane to be completely fueled and become a Yellow Vault was in Vancouver. This fact was the answer to the London 2021 Purple Vault, solved by BlocBoi, with help from UK hunters DogsPoopALot and IsThisAllowed.