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Doge Week.

The Coin Hunt World Doge Week Event happened during Spring Break 2021. The Doge Cubie was shown for the first time on the CHW medium page on Wednesday March 31, 2021.

  • Special Resources will drop during the event.
  • Doge Cubie blueprints will only drop during the Doge Week Event.
  • Players must unlock special Green Vaults called Doge Vaults to get $2 in DOGE and grab Doge Week resources.
  • The event might come back but it is not confirmed at this time.

Start of the Event

Wednesday March 31, 2021

End of the Event

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Event Cubies

Doge Week cubie!
Picture Name Rarity Recipe Print Time Notes
DogeCubie.png Doge Cubie Rare 200 Bone.png, 200 DogFood.png, 1 DogeCollar.png and 2000 Resin.png 10min Only 379 Blueprints exist. RudyHusky printed first Cubie on March 31 2021

Doge Houses

During this event, there were 31,000 DogeHouse.jpeg Doge Houses that behave the same as Green Vaults except they reward players with DOGE coin instead!