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El Salvador Launch Event, November 20th 2021


The Coin Hunt World El Salvador Launch Event is a two week event in November/December 2021 celebrating the initial launch of CoinHuntWorld in El Salvador. It will feature:

This event will only occur once.


The CHW El Salvador Launch event is the second CoinHuntWorld expansion event. The previous expansion event was the London Launch Event.

Dates and Times

Start of the Event

  • 00:00 UTC on November 20th
  • 18:00 CST on November 19th (local time)

End of the Event

  • 00:00 UTC on December 4th
  • 18:00 CST on December 3rd (local time)

Floating Vault

The  Bitcoin Beach Cubie blueprint will drop from the special El Salvador Launch Event  Floating Vault. This vault, which is accessible to everybody in El Salvador, is constantly floating in the air above your current location (as long as you are in El Salvador).

During the first week of the event, this vault will be in countdown mode - once the countdown ends, the floating vault opens and up to 100 hunters will each be able to insert one blue key into it. (You can forge 10 white keys into a blue key!) It will remain open until it is solved, or until the end of the event, whichever comes first.

Once 100 hunters insert a blue key, the floating vault becomes solved, and everybody who participated will receive $5 USD of Bitcoin along with the unique Bitcoin Beach Cubie Blueprint!

If the floating vault does not reach 100 blue keys before the end of the two week event, it will disappear and take its reward with it, and all participants will have their keys returned. Whether the floating vault is opened or not, the Bitcoin Beach Cubie Blueprint will also drop from vaults once each year during Fiesta de San Salvador in August.

Special Cubie: Bitcoin Beach Cubie

Bitcoin Beach Cubie

Special Resources

Resin Tree

A Coin Hunt World  Resin Tree gives out a nice amount of  Resin to each hunter who comes across them, but each resin tree has a maximum amount of resin it can give out. Once the maximum is reached, the resin tree is depleted. The developers manually placed Resin Trees around El Salvador! Each one can be used by 100 players.