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Elemental Invasion Event, September 2021


The Coin Hunt World Elemental Invasion Event is starting at the beginning of September 2021. The cubies for the event were shown for the first time during the July Hunters Lodge.

  1. Blueprints and special Resources will be dropping between September 6th and 16th 2021.
  2. There will be a boosted Red Vault in each city that has completed at least one Yellow Vault. See the list of cities in the Red VaultRed Vault page.
  3. There will be a Purple Vault that spawns, "... in the state of Washington in a spot related to the history of this game."
    • You will have 60 seconds to answer a Coin Hunt World related trivia question.

This event will only occur once.


The CHW Elemental Invasion event is the first annual Anniversary Event. Anniversary Events will be different every year. One Legendary Blueprint will be added during each Anniversary Event.

Blueprints, Cubies, and Resources

  • Elemental cubie blueprints will only drop during the elemental invasion event and then never again. So whatever blueprints drop during the event that's how many will be minted.
  • Elemental cubie recipes require a new Resource type, Elemental Hearts.
    • Elemental Hearts do not drop from the normal Resource Boxes but rather from a new gameplay system to be discovered during the event. Hearts can be collected for free by finding a Monolith. Monoliths (also referred to in-game as a shrine) are showing up on the map for individual players and can be found by following the signal similar to the Buddy Quest signal. The color of the signal will differ based on the element in the Monoliths. While other players do not see the ping, they can still see and interact with the Monoliths of other players. There is a 60 minute timer that starts from the time the Monolith spawns.
      • "Just one hint: the elemental invasion grows stronger over time, so the chance of obtaining elemental hearts will grow as the event progresses!"
  • Special Resources will drop during the event. All Elemental Cubies will need 4 resources each.
    1. Paint
    2. Corresponding Elemental Crystals
    3. Corresponding Elemental Heart
    4. Resin
  • There will be a system in the future that can generate resources from events that never come back.

Dates and Times

Start of the Event

  • UTC: September 7th 12am
  • ET: September 6th 8pm
  • PT: September 6th 5pm

End of the Event

  • UTC: September 16th 12am
  • ET: September 15th 8pm
  • PT: September 15th 5pm

Red Vault

The Boosted Vaults during the 2021 Elemental Invasion Event were spawned in cities that have completed their local Cubiecrane to build a Yellow Vault. Only 7 Canadian cities and 6 US cities received the Boosted Vaults during this event. The red boosted vault will only be available for up to 48 hours, but once a player puts a key in it, a 3 hour countdown begins. At the end of 3 hours, the red vault will change to a yellow vault, and will continue every 3 hours to the next tier down until back to its original color.

Country Region City Type Location Address Spawn Date Notes
Canada Alberta Calgary Boosted Red Vault Rundle Ruins Unknown September 11th, 2021 Found by player Bizcoin
Canada Alberta Edmonton Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 8th, 2021
Canada British Columbia Vancouver Boosted Red Vault Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Ave September 9th, 2021 Found by user bearclaw; however, Vancouver CHW players agreed to wait until September 10th to all use the vault together.
Canada Ontario Mississauga Boosted Red Vault Sheldon Lookout Martin Goodman Trail September 15th, 2021 Found on September 17th, first solved by user ForaJuveCrypto
Canada Ontario Toronto Boosted Red Vault Humber Bay Arch Bridge Martin Goodman Trail September 11th, 2021 First solved by user Sicachu
Canada Quebec Montreal Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 7th, 2021 Vault was never found and disappeared after 48hrs
Canada Saskatchewan Regina Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 14th, 2021
USA California Los Angeles Boosted Red Vault Micheltorena Stairs 3400 Sunset Blvd September 13th, 2021 Found on September 13th, first solved by user MarvinsMama
USA California San Diego Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 10th, 2021
USA Florida Miami Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 12th, 2021
USA Hawaii Oahu/Waikiki Boosted Red Vault Not Found Unknown September 8th, 2021
USA Pennsylvania Philadelphia Boosted Red Vault Love Park 1501 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19102 September 7th, 2021 First solved by Jrae, then Digamelegume. A third player khag attempted but did not solve the vault. It spawned a fire monolith on the first solve.
USA Washington Seattle Boosted Red Vault Salmon Waves, Hiram M. Chittenden Memorial Locks 32nd Avenue NW and NW 54th Street in Ballard September 9th, 2021 Found and first solved by user Flypig687

Special Cubies

Elemental Invasion cubies!
Picture Name Rarity Recipe Print Time Notes
Wind cubie.png Air Cubie Common
Earth cubie.png Earth Cubie Rare
Water cubie.png Water Cubie Rare
Fire cubie.png Fire Cubie Epic

According to Kookoopuffs the epic blueprints should only drop for approx. 1% of the player base.

Elemental Crystal Drop Rates

During the elemental invasion event, elemental crystals are collected via Resource Boxes. 50 crystals are awarded in each elemental resource box regardless of Vault tier. The drop rates below are player-sourced and are not in-game values.

Picture Name Rarity Drop Rate
Wind 1.png Air Crystal Common 45%
Earth 1.png Earth Crystal Rare 25%
Water 1.png Water Crystal Rare 25%
Fire 1.png Fire Crystal Epic 5%

Elemental Invasion Summary

Altogether, the hunters:

How many crystals did the hunters find?

How many Blueprints did the hunters find?

How many Monoliths did the hunters spawn?

  • 6400 Air Monoliths
  • 4800 Water Monoliths
  • 4800 Earth Monoliths
  • 575 Fire Monoliths

How many Elemental Hearts did the hunters collect?

Who had first prints?

How many cubies where printed?

  • Air Cubie 745
  • Earth Cubie 276
  • Water Cubie 270
  • Fire Cubie 7

Who hunted the hardest during this event?

And some fun stats to end with:

  • What is the highest number of hunters that interacted with the same Monolith? (25)
  • How many hunters opened a Red Boosted Vault? (45)
  • What’s the furthest a hunter travelled to open a red boosted vault? (2,800km)