Foreman Cubie

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Foreman Cubie
Rarity Rare
Cost Free
Recipe 5000 Blue Paint and 2000 Resin
Print Time 10min
Blueprints 25 (max 25)
Release May 21st 2021

The Foreman Cubie Blueprint was given to the players that contributed at least 10'000 Resin for the worlds first completed Cubiecrane in Granville Island Vancouver BC.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player
  • The Blueprint can be used more than once to create Foreman Cubies
  • The Blueprint was given for free
  • The printing time is 10min.

Foreman Cubie Blueprint

Foreman Cubie Animation

Foreman Cubie animation.

First Printed Foreman Cubie

ExcaliburII7 printed the first Foreman Cubie on May 21, 2021. All 25 people who contributed to the Granville Island Cubiecrane received the Foreman Cubie Blueprint in the Mail Box at their Headquarters at the exact same time. Several rushed to print immediately, but there was no in-game announcem