Holly Cat Cubie

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Holly Cat Cubie
CatCubie Holly.png
Rarity Common
Cost 2  Green Keys
Recipe 1,000 Green Paint, 1,000 Yellow Paint, 1,000 Resin
Print Time 5min
Blueprints Max 100,000
Release October 15th 2021

The  Cat Cubie Blueprint will randomly print one of nine different Cat Cubies when used at a  Printshop. Each possible variation Cat Cubie has a different probability of being printed, so some are more rare than others. The Holly Cat Cubie is the third least common of the nine cat cubies, with a probability rate of about 3% based on player-sourced data.

Holly Cat Cubie Animation

First printed Holly Cat Cubie

Player  FiRECIoud was the the first to print on October 15th 2021. The exact time of first print is unknown because there was a glitch with first print notifications and this first print was not announced until a few days later.

First time available in the Shop

The Blueprint was available in the  Shop on October 15th 2021 for 21 days.