Hula Cubie

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Hula Cubie
Rarity Common
Cost Random Drop
Recipe 500 Red Lei, 500 Plumeria Flower and 1000 Resin
Print Time 5min
Blueprints 1634 (unlimited)
Release May 1st 2021

The Hula Cubie Blueprint was created for the Hawaii Special Event. As a common special event blueprint, this blueprint will drop again in future events.

  • Only one blueprint per player
  • The blueprint can be used more than once to create Hula Cubies
  • The blueprint is only available as a random drop from a Resource Box during the Hawaii Special Event
  • The printing time is 5min
  • 100'000 blueprints were available in the game during the event but only 1634 blueprints were found in 2021.

Hula Cubie Blueprint

Hula Cubie Animation

Hula Cubie animation

First printed Hula Cubie

TooShort printed the first Hula Cubie on May 1, 2021.


Hawaii Special Event
Hula Cubie recipe