July 4th Special Event

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July 4th 2021 Event.

Red Boosted Vaults and a new July 4th Cubie will be available during the Coin Hunt World July 4th Special Event. Blueprints and special Resources will be dropping between July 4th and 6th only in the USA.

Every Resource Box will have a chance for any of the following items:

Canadian players can collect the July 4th resources too if they open vaults on US soil during the event.

For players that would like to collect all cubies in the game: The Auction House will be released on July 30th 2021. Americans will be able to sell cubies, blueprints and resources to anyone missing out on the event.

Start of the Event

  • UTC: July 4th 12am
  • ET: July 3rd 8pm
  • PT: July 3rd 5pm

End of the Event

  • UTC: July 6th 12am
  • ET: July 5th 8pm
  • PT: July 5th 5pm

USA Cubie

July 4th Special Event cubie!
Picture Name Rarity Recipe Print Time Notes
July4thCubie.png USA Cubie Rare 1000 Football.png, 1000 CowboyHat.png and 2000 Resin.png 10min Drop during July 4th Special Event. 10'000 Blueprints available. Trugoy printed Cubie first on July 3rd 2021

Red Boosted Vaults

During this event, US cities that have an active Yellow Vault (only LACMA) will have one regular vault somewhere in the city boosted to a Red Vault, which contains $100 worth of cryptocurrency! As soon as the first player finds AND solves the Boosted Vault, a three (3) hour countdown begins. For that time, the boosted vault remains at the boosted tier (red). Then, every 3 hours, the boosted vault will drop one tier until it is back to its normal state. If no players find the boosted vault within 72 hours, it will simply return to its regular state.

Where can I find boosted vaults?

Boosted vaults are often found at spots with nice views. You will not find a boosted vault on a random street corner. Basically, the boosted vault is most likely to appear at a location where people would take pictures.

I found a boosted vault, now what?

They behave just like normal vaults: open them with a key, answer a trivia question and earn crypto! If you encounter a boosted vault, make sure to bring enough keys — the higher the vault tier, the harder the trivia questions!