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Meet Kevostrings

Kevostrings is known for his hilarious Memes.


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Player Introduction

Started Playing: Kevostrings started playing during the Hawaii Special Event on May 4th, 2021.

Yellow Crane: On May 11th, 2021 - He donated 10,000 Resin to the Prince's Island Park Yellow Vault Crane.

Hometown: He plays in Calgary, AB.


After being inspired by Squeamy and his collection of CHW memes, he started to create memes about various aspects of the game. This would result in him creating the Coin Hunt Memes social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. At first, he did not publicly acknowledge that he was the creator of these social media accounts, which would create a mystery around who exactly was running these accounts.

Top player BlocBoi would often question and ask his live-stream audience who the creator of the account was. BlocBoi also nicknamed him, "The Batman" because of the anonymity surrounding the identity of the creator. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as various players started to find clues about who exactly was making this content.

Now, that it is publicly known that Kevostrings is the meme-man, he often helps out and collaborates with fellow hunters when creating content. Minel, Posp and other players will often reach out to him for his meme magic - with Kevostrings usually responding with "I'll see what I can do"


Kevostrings has been featured in the Coin Hunt World Newsletter four times under the "Meme of the Week" section.

- July 31st, 2021 edition

- August 20th, 2021 edition

- September 17th, 2021 edition

- October 1st, 2021 edition

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region LB Link Place Prize
1 August 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 16th 4 Green Prize Box
1 June 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 33rd 2 Green Prize Box

Social Media

You can find all of his Coin Hunt World memes on:

Instagram at


Twitter at