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Keys are used to open Vaults and to purchase items in the Shop.

Green keys, in particular, are also used to build your Headquarters (HQ) and to unlock Uservault slots inside your HQ.

The inventory maximum for each key color is 9999.

Types of Keys

Picture Color Drops from: Forged from:
KeyBlue.png Blue Blue Keybooths, blue vaults (rare) and green vaults (common) -
KeyGreen.png Green Green Keybooths (special events), blue vaults (very rare) and green vaults (rare) 10 blue keys
KeyYellow.png Yellow Green vaults (very rare) and yellow vaults (rare) 10 green keys
KeyRed.png Red Yellow vaults (very rare) and red vaults (rare) 10 yellow keys
KeyPurple.png Purple Red vaults (very rare) and purple vaults (rare) 10 red keys

Acquiring Keys

There are four main ways of acquiring keys: from keybooths, from random drops, from forging and from Uservaults.


Blue Keybooths provide one blue key KeyBlue.png every 24 hours. After a player collects the key, the keybooth turns into a Forge until the key respawns.

Green Keybooths have appeared during the Bitcoin Miami Special Event and provide one green key KeyGreen.png every 24 hours.

Random Drops

Players can receive keys as random drops from Prize Boxes upon solving vaults. See the table above for more information.

Forging Keys

Players can use a Forge to create a higher tier key from 10 lower tier keys. For instance, 10 blue keys KeyBlue.png can be forged into one green key KeyGreen.png.


Players receive 5% of all keys used on their Uservaults per mail.