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Leaderboard points are used to rank players on Leaderboards

Actions to Earn Leaderboard Points

Leaderboard points can be earned from:

Leaderboard Point Vault Tiers

Coin Hunt World Leaderboard points (LBP) are given based on tiers. Each tier corresponds to a vault color.

Tier Equivalent of
1 Solving a Blue Vault
2 Solving a Green Vault
3 Solving a Yellow Vault
4 Solving a Red Vault
5 Solving a Purple Vault

Leaderboard Point Values

The following actions will reward you with leaderboard points (LBP):

DISCLAIMER: The point values listed below are unofficial (have not been confirmed by the developers). That said, they provide a mostly accurate picture of the true point value of each action. The amount of points awarded for solving vaults is dependent on the Gameplay Mode chosen as well as how quickly the vault is solved when using Hunter Mode.

Action Leaderboard Points
Vaults Chill Mode Hunter Mode - Good Hunter Mode - Great Hunter Mode - Perfect
Solving a Blue Vault 0.5 0.4 0.7 1
Solving a Green Vault 6 4.8 8.4 12
Solving a Yellow Vault 60 48 84 120
Solving a Red Vault 600 480 840 1200
Solving a Purple Vault 12000
A Uservault you own is solved by another player 1
Action Leaderboard Points
Fueling a Cubiedozer with 100 Resin 1
Fueling a Cubiecrane with 10'000 Resin 100
Completing a Buddy Quest 100
Printing Cubies (only the first time you print each new cubie)
Printing a common cubie 100
Printing a rare cubie 300
Printing an epic cubie 1'000
Printing a legendary cubie ???
New Player installs game using referral link 0
New Player creates account and builds Headquarters 10
New Player solves a Green Vault for the first time 10
New Player solves a Yellow Vault for the first time 100
New Player solves a Red Vault for the first time 1'000
New Player solves a Purple Vault for the first time 10'000