Liberty Bell

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Name Liberty Bell Center
Region Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 526 Market St
Coordinates 39.94966, -75.15039
Type Yellow Vault
Status Building
First Question What was the previous name of the Liberty Bell Center?
First Answer State House Bell


Liberty Bell Center is the location of the fifth finished Yellow Vault in the USA.

The crane completed construction of the yellow vault on September 5th, 2021 at 2:24 EST.

There are currently 10 yellow vaults in Canada and 100 in the USA. Go to Yellow Vault Location for an overview of all discovered yellow vaults.

Liberty Bell Yellow Vault Question.

First Players to open the Vault

Beatsmebydre was the first player to open and solve the Liberty Bell yellow vault. Khag was the second player to open it.


The Cubiecrane sat about 25% full for a long time until local and out of town players planned a meetup. Several players put over 700k Resin into the Cubiecrane in less than a weeks time leading up to the planned completion date. Beatsmebydre made the largest contribution to the crane on the morning of August 29th 2021, moving him into 3rd place on the All Time Global Leaderboard at the time. He intentionally left the crane at 98% full so that two more players could contribute and get Construction Cubie blueprints.

khag finished the Cubiecrane on August 29th 2021 by placing only a single puck of 10k resin.

Crane Completion Video