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Map of Greater London

The Coin Hunt World London UK release started September 30th 2021 and was the third region to be added after USA and Canada. Keys and vaults started showing up in the Greater London area and were ready to be discovered and solved. The development team used a different map system to place all the POI (Point of Interest). Depending on the feedback the maps for USA and Canada might get a similar update in the future.

Who can play in the UK

Every user in the UK can download and play the game but there will be only keys and vaults in the Greater London area for now. Android users can download the game in the Play Store and iOS user can try to get a beta spot through Testflight which is full at 10,000 users at the moment. But sometimes a spot frees up, some players were able to get a spot after trying a few times.

What happens at release

Info provided by Illusionweaver (Co-Founder): “There will be a London Launch event with a Floating Vault and a previously unannounced mechanic, that rewards early adopters in London.”

Tips and Tricks to get started

  • Collect enough blue keys (10) to forge a green key and build your HQ which will give you a mystery box every 8 hours
  • Unlock your Uservault spots in the HQ and place your flags down in heavy traffic locations. If you don’t have amazing locations build up a loop with your uservaults that you can hit every day once or twice. You will accumulate resin and other resources faster. Try to organize with others to increase uservault density.
  • Collect and save blue keys and buy resin in the Auction House to build up your 10 uservaults as fast as possible.
  • Try to save up blue keys during non-event times to be able to hit more vaults during events and get the special resources and cubie blueprints.
  • Join the official Discord server which has a lot of information and a helpful community
  • Follow the Wiki on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date with the game

First Player to open a Vault in the UK

Vade was the first Player to solve a Vault on London Soil during the London Launch Event on September 30th 2021. He received 1 Yellow Key as a special bonus from the devs.

Purple Vault Location

Didi found the Purple Vault at Piccadilly Circus on October 2nd 2021. The vault will be active during the London Launch Event and will disappear on October 14th 2021.

Purple Vault location in London UK

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