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Welcome to the Coin Hunt World Wiki
This is the official Coin Hunt World Wiki website, with over 268 pages that have been updated 3,530 times! As of September 15th, 2021, Coin Hunt World has over 50,000 players, and the game is rapidly growing and new content is being released regularly. Planned release dates can be found under Release Date.

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  • Are you looking for help, trying to figure out if the game is legit and fun and how much money you can make? This wiki is the best place to find all relevant and up to date information.
  • For new Coin Hunt World! players please have a look at the detailed Start Guide.
  • Check out the list of all Coin Hunt World Streamers.
  • See what Websites and Groups the Community started at Community Groups.
  • If you are wondering what the development team plans to add in the future to the game, have a look at Roadmap. That page tries to keep up with all the information provided by the game developers.

Where is Coin Hunt World playable?

  • Coin Hunt World is available in the US, Canada, and soon London, UK! If you want to get the latest Coin Hunt World news and get a notification when the game releases in your country, please sign-up to the weekly newsletter.

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To keep the Coin Hunt World Wiki regularly updated and AD-FREE, please consider donating! The wiki isn't free and is paid for and maintained by Marlov. Donors can make one-time or monthly fiat donations through Square, crytpo donations through Banano, or even donate rewards earned through using Brave browser.

Coin Hunt World News
From Illusionweaver: "Per request of our export partner Uphold, we added a minimum balance of $5 per token to our weekly Tuesday Coin Hunt World export."

Check out Hunters Lodge for the newest updates in the game!

Coin Hunt World Special Event
The Elemental Invasion Event starts September 6th at 5pm PT (8pm ET). Collect special resources and the blueprints before it's too late. The event will only run for 9 days.

See Special Events for a list of previous held events.

Coin Hunt World Tip of the Day
Make sure to build your Headquarters close to your home and collect a free Mystery Box every 8 Hours.

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