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Meet Mattyice

Mattyice is an OG player that became a prominent competitor in early 2021.


Find them on:

  • Discord with username MattyIcicle#0827


  • First player to print a Leprechaun Cubie on March 16th 2021, 1 minute after official release. Some players encountered a bug and were able to print the Cubie in 1 minute instead of 10 minutes.

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region LB Link Place Prize
1 April 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 43rd 1 Green Prize Box
1 March 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 🥈2nd 5 Yellow Prize Box
1 March 2021 Global Leaderboard Global 🔎 5th 1 Red Key
1 February 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 🥇1st 1 Red Prize Box
1 February 2021 Global Leaderboard Global 🔎 🥈2nd 4 Red Key