OG Cubie

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OG Cubie
Rarity Epic
Cost 1 Green Key
Recipe 200 PaintTeal.png, 200 PaintGreen.png, 200 PaintYellow.png,

1000 Resin.png

Print Time 20min
Blueprints 2230 (1388 left in-game)
Release May 29th 2021

The OG Cubie Blueprint was created for all Beta Testers as a Thank You from the Developers.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player.
  • The Blueprint can only be used once. The OG Cubie Blueprint is the only Blueprint in the game so far that is used up after printing. All other Blueprints can be used more than once.
  • The printing time is 20min.
  • Only 2230 Blueprints were sold in the game. Only 1388 blueprints are left in the game as of August 9th 2021

OG Cubie Animation

OG Cubie animation

First printed OG Cubie

Player ThaLoops was the the first to print the OG Cubie on May 29th 2021 shortly after update 0.9 went live.

First OG Cubie printed.


First leaked Picture of the OG Cubie.
Message after purchasing the OG Cubie.