Pirate Captain Cubie

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Pirate Captain Cubie
Rarity Epic
Cost 2 Red Keys
Recipe 10'000 Blue Paint

8'000 Red Paint

4'000 Purple Paint

5'000 Resin

Print Time 20min
Blueprints 46 (max 500)
Release June 25th 2021

The Pirate Cubie Blueprint was released just after the first Hunters Lodge on June 25th 2021.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player.
  • The printing time is 20min.
  • Only 500 Blueprints are available in the game. The Blueprint is only available in the Shop for 5 days.

Pirate Cubie Blueprint

Pirate Cubie Animation

Pirate Cubie animation.

First purchased Pirate Cubie

17 players bought the Pirate Cubie Blueprint in the first minute of release.

First printed Pirate Cubie

Player Momlovesu was the the first to print the Pirate Captain Cubie on June 25th 2021 shortly after official release.

First time available in the Shop

The Blueprint was available in the Shop on June 25th 2021 for 5 days. Only 46 blueprints were sold.

Pirate Cubie revealed during Hunters Lodge in June 2021.
Pirate Cubie Blueprint in the Shop.