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Meet PizzaParty

PizzaParty is a designer and contributor to the wiki. He is an active member of the CHW Discord and does most of his hunting in the Seattle area.


Find him on:

  • Discord with username PizzaParty#9535

Custom Cubies Blue CubieYellow CubieRed CubieGreen CubiePurple Cubie

Below are some of the custom cubies PizzaParty has designed. Reach out to him on Discord if you are interested in a custom cubie design.

Picture Name
UserAvatar Minel.png Minel
UserAvatar FireCIoud Animated.gif FiRECIoud
UserAvatar Jrnightingale.png Jrnightingale
UserAvatar Rootsnaturally.png Rootsnaturally
UserAvatar Geeya.png Geeya
UserAvatar PunishedMinty.png PunishedMinty


None yet! One day...

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