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List of 241 trivia questions in the game. There are over 10,000 different Coin Hunt World questions and answers in the database (As of August 26th 2021).

Work in progress. If you want to help, I made a google form to add more questions and answers. Please make sure to use the correct wording.

Before you go to a yellow vault for the first time, check out the first question and correct answer at the Yellow Vault Location page. Click on the vault name to get to the detailed page of the finished yellow vault.

Purple Questions

Purple Vaults are only available during certain Special Events.

Category Color Question Answer
Purple Where was the first vault placed? Bellevue
Purple How many minutes did it take for the Hawaii floating vault to open? 4
Purple Who was the first player to craft the fire dragon cubie? Cryptosaoirse
Purple Who was the first player that crafted the Chill Cubie? Cryptosaoirse

Red Questions

Red Vaults are only available during certain Special Events.

Category Color Question Answer
General Knowledge Red To whom the warning "Beware the ides of March" was directed at? Julius Ceasar
General Knowledge Red What does a philographist collect? Autographs
General Knowledge Red The conservatives celebrated a record majority in the Bridgwater by-election in 1970 by a massive 10,915 votes, the largest in the constituency for 50 years. It was the first time which demographic were allowed to vote? 18-20 Year Olds
Geography Red What is the capital of Georgia? Tbilisi *Note: this is the capital of the country, not the US State.
Lifestyle Red What is the minimum amount of letters for an acceptable word in Boggle? 3
Lifestyle Red When auctioning a painting in Masterpiece, the bidding must start no less than which amount? $1 Million *Note: the previous correct answer was $100,000 but this was a mistake*
Science Red What would be the weight on earth of earth's largest artificial satellite? 480 tons
Science Red ESA shuttles have found over 1000 volcanoes on which planet since 2006? Venus
TV Red How many season did MASH run for? 11
TV Red Which movie is the quote "at my signal unleash hell" from? Gladiator
TV Red Which race car driver did Ashley Judd divorce in 2013? Dario Franchitti
(Unknown) Red What year were the Salem Witch Trials 1692

Yellow Questions

Yellow Vaults are only available at Yellow Vault Locations.

Category Color Question Answer
Books Yellow Who wrote the novel "Native Son"? Richard Wright
Celebrity Yellow With what name was Judy Garland born with? Frances Gumm
Entertainment Yellow The FOX drama “The O.C.” gained much acclaim for something special related to production. What? the music
Entertainment Yellow President Josiah Bartlett appears in which TV series? The West Wing
Films Yellow Which year was the movie 'MASH' made? 1970
Granville Island Yellow Which First Nations people arrived at Granville Island first? Salish
LACMA Yellow How many lamps are in the Urban Light art installation at LACMA? 202
Lifestyle Yellow In Chess, the Knight moves in what letter shape? L
Prince’s Island Park Yellow How big is Prince’s Island Park? 20 hectares
St. Lawrence Market Yellow How many vendors are listed in the St. Lawrence Market directory? 120
TV Yellow A man keeps seeing the neighbor's dog as a talking Australian man in a dog costume. Wilfred
TV Yellow "Who played the overtly promiscuous divorce lawyer Arnie Becker on the Emmy-winning series L.A. Law? Corbin Bernsen

Green Questions

Green Vaults can be found anywhere on the map. They are rarer than Blue Vaults.

Category Color Question Answer
Books Green Who wrote the 2001 book "Life of Pi"? Yann Martel
Books Green Who is the coauthor to Autobiography of Malcolm X? Alex Haley
Books Green Leo Tolstoy wrote about which woman? Anna Karenina
Books Green What are the first two names of poet TS Eliot? Thomas Stearns
Books Green Which one was not one of the Secret Seven? Anne
Celebrity Green Fenty Beauty is a line by which celebrity? Rihanna
Celebrity Green Denise Richards used to be married to what actor? Charlie Sheen
Celebrity Green Who claimed he funded an investigation into President Obama's birth certificate only to produce nothing? Donald Trump
Entertainment Green In what state do Jerry's parents live in Seinfeld? Florida
Entertainment Green Can't Hold Us is a song by which American rapper? Macklemore
Entertainment Green Which classic 1970s track starts off with "sometimes it's hard to be a woman"? Stand by Your Man
Entertainment Green In which city did John Lennon die? New York City
Entertainment Green Which actor played the tenth Doctor Who? David Tennant
Entertainment Green Which actor plays Carrie in 'Homeland'? Claire Danes
Entertainment Green Which great 70s album featured the tracks 'Life in the Fast Lane' and 'Victim of Love'? Hotel California
Entertainment Green Chasing Pavements' and 'Rumor Has It' are singles by which artist? Adele
Entertainment Green Who stars in the film 'Mean Streets'? Robert DeNiro
Entertainment Green What boy befriends and helps a lost alien in E.T. Extra-Terrestrial? Elliott
Entertainment Green Ellen De Generes provided the voice of Dory in what movie? Finding Nemo
Entertainment Green In which of these movies did Matt Damon not appear? Reservoir Dogs
Entertainment Green Just Give Me a Reason appears on which Pink album? The Truth About Love
Entertainment Green West End Girls was a 1986 single by which of these? Pet Shop Boys
Entertainment Green What was Elvis Presley's middle name? Aaron
Entertainment Green 2001: A Space Odyssey' was based on a short story by whom? Arthur C. Clarke
Entertainment Green The characters Cally and Soolin appear in what sci fi show? Blake's 7
Entertainment Green What is '70s legend Donna's last name? Summer
Entertainment Green The Edward Albee novel and subsequent movie asked "Whose Afraid of...?" Virginia Woolf
Films Green What colour is Tintin's loyal dog? White
Films Green The Perfect Murder starred which actress? Gwyneth Paltrow
Films Green In Beauty and the Beast, what is Lumiere? Candlestick
Films Green In Beauty and the Beast, what is Lumiere? Candlestick
Films Green Who had their own Buffy spin-off, Angel? David Boreanaz
Films Green What movie is villain Norman Bates from? Psycho
General Knowledge Green Which architect designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA? Gehry
General Knowledge Green Basil Spence designed which English Cathedral? Coventry
General Knowledge Green How many squares are empty at the start of a game of checkers? 8
General Knowledge Green Which famous American performer has 5 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Gene Autry
General Knowledge Green Islam ranks where on the list of popular religions? 2nd
General Knowledge Green In Japan, on New Year's Eve what do Buddhists do at temples 108 times at midnight? Ring the bells
General Knowledge Green Which country was beaten by France in the 2018 Word Cup Final? Croatia
General Knowledge Green Eunice Shriver, who died in 2009, was a member of which famous family? Kennedy
General Knowledge Green Which city would you be visiting if you flew into Barajas airport? Madrid
General Knowledge Green Children's fictional character Babar is which type of Creature? Elephant
General Knowledge Green "Can we talk?" is a catchphrase associated with which of these? Joan Rivers
General Knowledge Green What was the name of the Greek woman whose face launched 1000 ships? Helen
General Knowledge Green In 1857 Joseph Gayetty invented which household item? Toilet Roll
General Knowledge Green Who said "I see no ships"? Lord Nelson
General Knowledge Green What's the last name of popular big band leader Jools? Holland
General Knowledge Green What nationality was Luciano Pavarotti? Italian
General Knowledge Green Where is the Union Pacific Railroad museum located? Nebraska
General Knowledge Green The Cairngorms Nation Park is in which country? Scotland
General Knowledge Green Which B is an ice cream dish? Bombe
General Knowledge Green How many Freddy Krueger movies have there been? 9
General Knowledge Green Who said of Issey Miyaki "So I asked Issey to make me some of his black turtlenecks that I liked, and he made me like a hundred of them"? Steve Jobs
General Knowledge Green Which of these crime headlines of yesteryear appeared in the newspapers before the others? Ruth Ellis Hanged
General Knowledge Green Which country is ruled by a single dynasty for more than two thousand years? Japan
General Knowledge Green Where was Alexander Bell Graham born? Edinburg
General Knowledge Green Which city had the United States first subway system? Boston
General Knowledge Green In which organ is Vitamin A primarily stored? Liver
Geography Green What is the capital of Peru Lima
Geography Green What is the currency of Turkey Lira
Geography Green Mars was the Roman God of what? War
Geography Green What is Britain's longest river? The Severn
Geography Green Mecca is in which country? Saudi Arabia
Geography Green What is India's largest city by population? Mumbai
Geography Green What do the Finns call Finland? Suomi
Geography Green The Dali Lama is a diety of? Tibet
Geography Green Which K is an island in Alaska? Kodiak
Geography Green The Yukon is what? A River
Geography Green What is the oldest city in the world? Jericho
Geography Green Mars was the Roman God of what? War
Geography Green Which city is on every continent (except Antartica)? Rome
Geography Green What is Britain's longest motorway? M6
Geography Green The Uffizi gallery can be found where? Florence
Geography Green Sol was the Norse God of what? The Sun
Geography Green The Belfry is in which country? England
Geography Green Chesterfield is famed for its? Crooked Spire
Geography Green What is the largest city in Italy by population? Rome
Geography Green Which L is a port in Cyprus? Limassol
Geography Green What is the world’s largest bird? Ostrich
Lifestyle Green Discoloured toenails are a sign that what kind of infection is present? Nail fungus, Onychomycosis
Lifestyle Green What kind of makeup is used to add shade or highlights to the area around the eyes? Eye Shadow
Lifestyle Green Cindy Crawford and which actor were once named "People" Magazine's "Sexiest Couple Alive"? Richard Gere
Lifestyle Green In medical terms, what does the suffix "-genic" mean? Producing
Lifestyle Green What eye ailment could prevent you from becoming a pilot? Colour Blindness
Lifestyle Green Rubella is the medical term for what disease? Measles
Lifestyle Green Frangipane is a filling made from or flavored with what? Almonds
Lifestyle Green Go is purported to have originated in which country 4000 years ago? China
Lifestyle Green How many ways is there to end an untimed game of Chess? 3
Lifestyle Green How does a castle/rook move on a chess board? In a straight line
Lifestyle Green How many player characters are there is cluedo? 6
Music Green Who sang "Suspicious Minds" and "Burning Love"? Elvis Presley
Music Green Whose album is titled 'Elephunk'? Black Eyed Peas
Music Green Kirsty Maccool died in what year? 2000
Music Green What is Dire Straits best selling album? Brothers in Arms
Music Green Which musical opened on Broadway in 1972? Grease
Music Green Who sang the song “take on me”? A-ha
Music Green Who married radio presenter Chris Evans? Billie Piper
Music Green During what decade was Cher born? The 1940s
Music Green Who was 'Bulletproof in 2010? La Roux
Music Green Which of these was a hit single of Debbie Harry? French Kissin
Music Green What is Cheryl Cole's maiden name? Tweedy
Music Green Who was 'So Fine' in 2009? Sean Paul
Science Green How many naturally occurring noble gases are in a periodic table? 6
Science Green Which of the following is not a type of stem cell? Fat Cells
Science Green Acceleration is determined by the force acting on it and what else? Mass
Science Green What was a saber-tooth cat's average weight? 750 pounds
Science Green What word describes how living organizms rely on each other to exist? Interdependence
Science Green The bone at the base of your spine is known as the what? Coccyx
Science Green What is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body called? Exofoliation
Science Green When do plants photosynthesize? In the light
Science Green Which of these is a type of dolphin? Bottlenose
Sports Green Which tennis player has won the most Grand Slams? Roger Federer
Sports Green The Verizon Center is the home location of which basketball team? Washington Wizards
Sports Green Brad Friedel played which sport professionally for the United States? Soccer
Sports Green The Bankers Life Fieldhouse is a arena used for what sport? Basketball
Sports Green Eldora Speedway is a motor racing venue in which US State? Ohio
Sport Green What state was Michael Jordan born in? New York
Technology Green In 2004 Mozilla released version 1.0 of its email and news client, titled what? Thunderbird
Technology Green In what year was the Apple OS 'Leopard' launched? 2007
Technology Green In what country was chicken restaurant Nando's founded? South Africa
Technology Green As of 2013 the App Store offered more than how many apps from both Apple and third parties? 1m
Technology Green LG accused Apple of basing the design of the iPhone on which of their models? Prada
Technology Green The courtroom battles between Apple and which company made worldwide headlines? Samsung
Technology Green Jimmy Fallon's parody of which TV show became a popular video on YouTube? Breaking Bad
Technology Green First gen mini iPod capacity? 4gb only
Technology Green Jonah Peretti is the founder of which website? Buzzfeed
Technology Green The first generation iPhone was released with how much DRAM? 128 MB
TV Green On which kids TV show will you see Kaboodle, Pip, and Snout? Kerwhizz
TV Green On which TV show did the Olsen twins get their start in show business? Full House
TV Green On which night did Jonathan Ross host his chat show? Friday
TV Green Hogans Heroes was set during which conflict? World War II
TV Green Anne Wood created which popular childrens TV show? Tellytubbies
TV Green On the TV show 'Frasier', what was the dog's name? Eddie
TV Green Actress is Amy Yasbeck is best known as which one of these? Casey on NBCs Wings

Blue Questions

Blue Vaults and blue Uservaults can be found anywhere on the map.

Category Color Question Answer
Celebrity Blue What country singer is married to fellow country singer Tim McGraw? Faith Hill
Celebrity Blue Marc Anthony got divorced from what actress/singer in 2014? Jennifer Lopez
Films Blue What was Quentin Tarantino's first movie? Reservoir Dogs
Films Blue Who composed the score for Blade Runner? Vangelis
Films Blue Which Michael starred in Falling Down? Michael Douglas
Films Blue When did DVDs first go on sale in the US? 1997
General Knowledge Blue Which of these is the guitarist amongst the pianists? Jimi Hendrix
General Knowledge Blue Who is the world's largest online retailer? Amazon
General Knowledge Blue Where was the first Wal-Mart store located? Rogers, Arkansas
General Knowledge Blue Lavazza is a famous name for making which type of drink? Coffee
General Knowledge Blue Where is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based? Utah
General Knowledge Blue What's the name given to the type of murder sometimes carried out within Asian communities in the UK? Honour killing
General Knowledge Blue Where do Jews go to pray? Synagogue
General Knowledge Blue In cosmetics, veneers are added to what? Teeth
General Knowledge Blue The letters TGFOP can be found on what? Tea
General Knowledge Blue Who said "Canada? I don't even know what street Canada is on"? Al Capone
General Knowledge Blue What is the state capital of Arkansas? Little Rock
General Knowledge Blue In stargazing, what is the name given to collections of stars in a pattern? Constellation
Geography Blue In what US state is Philadelphia located? Pennsylvania
Geography Blue Apollo was the Greek God of what? Art
Geography Blue How many continents are there? Seven
Geography Blue The Pied Piper of Hamilton saved the town from? Rats
Geography Blue What is the most dangerous shark to humans? The Great White
Geography Blue Marrakech is in what country? Morocco
Geography Blue The Bermuda Triangle is where? The Atlantic
Geography Blue Which of these national parks is in the state of Colorado? Rocky Mountain
Geography Blue Which meat contains the most protein? Beef
Geography Blue Which city does not hold a spectacular carnival? Sydney
Geography Blue Arthur's Seat is in which Scottish city? Edinburgh
Geography Blue The Valley of the Kings is noted for its what? Tombs
Geography Blue What is the largest whale in the world? The Blue Whale
Geography Blue Coal is what type of fuel? Fossil
Geography Blue What is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe
Geography Blue What is Eyjafjallajakull? A volcano in Iceland
Geography Blue Which foodstuff has the highest fat content? Nuts
Geography Blue Name Guyana's second city. Linden
Geography Blue Brooklyn and the Bronx are in which state? New York
Geography Blue What is the state capital of Arkansas? Little Rock
Geography Blue What is the state capital of Missouri? Jefferson City
Geography Blue The Louvre is in which city? Paris
Geography Blue What is the state capitol of Colorado? Denver
Geography Blue Where is the Great Barrier Reef located? Australia
Lifestyle Blue What is the body function that dictates how quickly you burn off fat? Metabolism
Lifestyle Blue How does a traditional game of Draughts end? When one player can't move a piece
Lifestyle Blue Brazilian company Natura's "Mamae e Bebe" product line was aimed at whom? Women and Children
Lifestyle Blue How many units of alcohol are women told not to exceed per week? 14
Lifestyle Blue What kind of makeup will not smear or come off when wet? Waterproof
Lifestyle Blue If you eliminate an opponent in Risk, what do you receive? That opponent's cards
Lifestyle Blue What is the English translation of the French term "eau de toilette", a lightly-scented substance? Toilet Water
Lifestyle Blue Chanel No.5, Allure, Coco and Chance are perfumes made by a company founded by whom? Coco Chanel
Music Blue Which city was a hit for Ultravox Vienna
Music Blue Which band is not Irish? Little River Band
Music Blue Who had a 2003 hit with 'Rock Your Body'? Justin Timberlake
Music Blue Who is the lead singer of Blondie? Debbie Harry
Music Blue Which band is not from 'Oz'? Split Enz
Music Blue What famous quintet made the number-one hit single 'I'll Be There'? Jackson 5
Music Blue When did Roxy Music first break up? 1976
Music Blue What is Miley Cyrus’s Christened name? Destiny
Science Blue Bill Gates founded which company in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975? Microsoft
Science Blue Owls can't see anything within a few inches of their eyes because they are what? Far-sighted
Science Blue From which word does the abbreviation of the top-level domain extension '.com' come? Commercial
Science Blue A circuit with more than one path is known as a what circuit? Parallel
Science Blue What would be the best equipment for sampling plants in a big area? Quadrat
Science Blue How many volts of electricity is in a bolt of lightning? Millions
Science Blue When was the element bohrium discovered? 1981
Science Blue What is the name for an animal who only eats meat? Carnivore
Science Blue The study of forests and woods is called what? Forestry
Science Blue What is the back of the neck called? Nape
Sports Blue In which city is the MLB team known as The Twins located? Minnesota
Technology Blue Who was the CEO of IBM in 2010? Lou Gerstner
Technology Blue The 1st gen iPod Mini had what memory capacity? 4GB
Technology Blue A video on Youtube, which has over 10 million views, stars 2 year old Makena singing a song by which Britishh singer? Adele
Technology Blue As of 2014 how many versions of the iPad has there been? 7
Technology Blue The Apple I basically consisted of what? Circuit Board
TV Blue An FBI agent investigates the death of Laura Palmer in a bizarre town. Twin Peaks
TV Blue A live episode of which TV soap opera was broadcast on BBC on 19 February 2010, to celebrate 25 years since the broadcast of the first episode? EastEnders
TV Blue Actress Justine Bateman is best known as which one of these? Actress On Men Behaving Badly
TV Blue What character did Neil Brown Jr. Play on The Walking Dead? Guillermo

USA State Questions

Trashtoob and Khag made a nice overview of all States and their capital and food which are all questions in the game.

State Food Capital
Alabama Pecan Pie Montgomery
Alaska Smoked Salmon Juneau
Arizona Sonoran Hot Dog Phoenix
Arkansas Chocolate Gravy Little Rock
California Avocado Toast Sacramento
Colorado Rocky Mountain Oysters Denver
Connecticut White Clam Pie Hartford
Delaware Scrapple Dover
Florida Key Lime Pie Tallahassee
Georgia Peach Cobbler Atlanta
Hawaii Loco Moco Honolulu
Idaho Ice Cream Potato Boise
Illinois Deep-Dish Pizza Springfield
Indiana Tenderloin Sandwich Indianapolis
Iowa Sweet Corn Des Moines
Kansas Burnt Ends Topeka
Kentucky Bourbon Balls Frankfort
Louisiana Gumbo Baton Rouge
Maine Lobster Roll Augusta
Maryland Crab Cakes Annapolis
Massachusetts Clam Chowder Boston
Michigan Coney Dog Lansing
Minnesota Fried Fish Saint Paul
Mississippi Biscuits Jackson
Missouri Gooey Butter Cake Jefferson City
Montana Huckleberry Everything Helena
Nebraska Runza Lincoln
Nevada Buffet Carson City
New Hampshire Apple Cider Donuts Concord
New Jersey Salt Water Taffy Trenton
New Mexico Green Chile Santa Fe
New York Bagels Albany
North Carolina Fried Green Tomatoes Raleigh
North Dakota Hotdish Bismarck
Ohio Cincinnati Chili Columbus
Oklahoma Onion Burger Oklahoma City
Oregon Marionberries Salem
Pennsylvania Philly Cheesesteak Harrisburg
Rhode Island Stuffies Providence
South Carolina Lowcountry Boil / Frogmore stew Columbia
South Dakota Fry bread Pierre
Tennessee Hot Chicken Nashville
Texas Smoked Brisket Austin
Utah Fry Sauce / Funeral potatoes Salt Lake City
Vermont Maple Syrup Montpelier
Virginia Peanuts Richmond
Washington Rainier Cherries Olympia
West Virginia Pepperoni Roll Charleston
Wisconsin Cheese Curds Madison
Wyoming Chicken Fried Steak Cheyenne