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Collection of Coin Hunt World records.

Most Blue Keys collected

Single Keybooth reset

Every Keybooth got only used once.

  1. 742 by Knop on October 22nd 2021
  2. 721 by Jrnightingale on October 11th 2021.

24 hours

Starting any time for 24 hours straight. Keybooths can be used twice.

  1. 1243 by Jrnightingale on October 28th 2021

Highest price for a Blueprint

  1. 50,000 Blue Keys in the Auction House for the legendary Architect blueprint. Bought by Zach on September 17th 2021.

Most Resin added

  1. Richard the Bacon King filled the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Cubiecrane all by himself adding 990,000 Resin on October 31st 2021, setting a resin dump record. The first 10,000 Resin were added by a banned player.