Red Vault

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Red Vault
How to Open Red Key
Value $40-100 USD
Respawn Time During Special Events
Where to Find Special Events

A Coin Hunt World Red Vault can be opened with Red Keys. After successfully answering a Trivia Question the Red Vault will drop up to $100 USD worth of Cryptocurrency and a chance for a Resource Box.

The Cryptocurrency reward is dependent on what gameplay mode you choose. If using chill mode, the reward is $50 USD given that you answer the question correctly before the timer elapses. If using Hunter Mode, the reward is dependent on how long you take to answer the trivia question correctly.

The following statement is assumed based on the mechanics of other vaults, and is not confirmed: Red vaults sometimes drop one or more yellow keys. Less often, red vaults can drop a red key. Very rarely, a red vault can drop a purple key.

Uservaults can not be placed within 100m of a red vault.

Respawn Time

To check how often Vaults and Keys refresh go to Respawn Timers.

Where to find Red Vaults

Red Vaults are only available during select Special Events.

Red Vaults during the Canada Day Event 2021

A Boosted Red Vault spawned in each Canadian city which finished their Yellow Vault.

  • Calgary: Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park in Bridgeland
  • Edmonton: Frederick G. Todd Lookout
  • Toronto: Trillium Park
  • Vancouver: Prospect Point on the seawall

Red Vaults during the July 4th Event 2021

A Boosted Red Vault spawned in each US city which finished their Yellow Vault.

  • Los Angeles: Disney Concert Hall

Red Vaults during the Elemental Invasion Event 2021

A Boosted Red Vault will spawn in each city that has finished its Yellow Vault.

See List of Boosted Vaults during The Elemental Invasion Event