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Supported countries

The game is currently available in the following countries:

Future releases

  • The game will be released worldwide in the future. No official information about Coin Hunt World release dates outside of Canada, USA, London, UK and El Salvador yet.
  • Q1 2022: The next expansion has been mentioned to be the Philippines in Q1 of 2022
  • Kookoopuffs on Discord on Jan 2, 2022: We’ve changed our launch roadmap a bit. We’re going to be focusing on English speaking/reading Asian countries and Latin America before circling back to Europe.

Supported platforms

  • Android: Android version is officially released on Google Play Store: Play Now
  • iOS: Waiting for Coin Hunt World iOS version to be approved. Subscribe to the newsletter, I will let you know when the game releases on iOS.
  • Tablet and PC: This game is designed for mobile platforms and there are no plans to develop a Tablet or PC version.

Supported languages

  • Right now, only English is supported
  • A Spanish language is in the works with no announced dates
  • No information available for any other language support.

Release History



  • USA: Early access in select cities only


  • USA: Beta release nationwide for Android and iOS


  • Canada: Beta release on December 30th



  • USA/ Canada: The game came out of Beta at the beginning of June 2021


  • UK: Released in London UK starting on September 30th 2021. See London Launch Event for more info. Then expanded to the entire country in November.


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