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A Coin Hunt Map Resin Tree is a structure that rewards players with Resin upon interaction. As of November 2021, Resin Trees are manually placed by the developers for Launch Events only. In the future, Resin Trees might help equalize the Rural/Urban imbalance.

Resin Tree
How to Open Free
Value Random amount of Resin, up to 5000
Respawn Time Does not respawn once depleted
Where to Find Parks and green areas during Launch Events

How it works

  • Tap to collect: Tap on the Resin Tree to receive a random amount of Resin, up to 5000 in increments of 500.
  • One-time use: Once you have used a particular Resin Tree, you cannot use it again (but other players can).
  • Limited lifespan: Each Resin Tree can be used by 100 players before it becomes depleted and disappears.

Where to find Resin Trees

Currently, Resin Trees can only be found in countries recently added to the game, such as the UK and El Salvador. However, the developers have hinted at the idea of cultivating Resin Trees in rural areas around the world in a future update.


I found a Resin Tree but it looks empty?

This means you have already collected Resin from this Resin Tree. For more information, see Resin Tree#How it works.

Where can I find Resin Trees in the UK?

There are approximately 25 of them in the Greater London Area. You can look on to see the ones players have located and mapped.