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A list of possible future implementations mentioned by the development team on Discord or other official channels for the Coin Hunt World Roadmap.

Discord Mentions by Devs

  • 1 Legendary Cubie (not announced what it is yet, but hinted that only 1 Blueprint per Legendary Cubie will be added to the game).


  • I was just telling Illusionweaver that our next wave of Cubiecranes should be on college campuses.
  • I'm in favour of vaults that require more than one person to open and solve at once. The Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft raid organization is definitely an inspiration. And the kind of organizing we saw for the yellow vaults leads me to think we are close to having some real time Raids in the game.
  • We will be adding more types of Buddy Quests in the future.
  • With Covid rates down we can start to plan more social features.
  • All of those things are coming. More events, more cubies, more vaults, more coins
  • For anyone complaining they have too much resin or paint, remember we’ve only released a few structures during the beta. We also don't have ways for you to customize them, yet.
  • I’m working on some ideas for it. I think it’s going to be a challenge system. You submit a question and pay 10 blue keys. If your question is wrong, the person who identifies it as wrong gets your 10 blue keys. If it’s used 100 times without being challenged, you get your 10 keys back and a reward.
  • There will be announcements in the next hunters lodge that will give some details on some other ways we’re looking to help sparse areas.
  • We will be adding more yellows into the game. They key is player density and an interesting location to showcase.
  • The goal of the game is to have multiple paths of play and to earn keys. One way is posting beautiful pictures that highlight your locale. another way is to just pick them up off the game map, another way is referrals, etc. There will be more ways as the game expands. we're always experimenting.
  • In all seriousness, this game is a great experiment. If it's as successful as we think it will be, someday we'll be paying significantly more crypto to the players.
  • I do think the game should provide more rewards to people who are great at trivia.
  • I like the idea of a percentage correct leaderboard. To qualify every month, you have to answer a minimum of 100 greens. Maybe only 50 or 30.
  • My favorite pre-pandemic idea which I hope we resurrect in year 2: work as a team to open a vault. Each person has to insert a key and simultaneously answer a question from a different category.
  • Soon users will submit questions.
  • We got a plan for some decorations for cubies beyond the skins
  • I like the idea of a monthly contest where you have to get a certain amount of leaderboard points to win something at the end. Everyone can try, you just need to make it to the end. And maybe a battle pass would allow you to buy the first 30 levels so you grind less if you want
  • We have a merchandise store coming
  • It’s going to be awhile until we are profitable. The main thing is that we slow the loss to keep up with growth. I have faith that we will eventually make money
  • As the player base grows, we're tweaking the leaderboard so more players can earn prizes.
  • We want this game to be casual and accessible for everyone. You should enjoy playing the game whether you do it for 20 minutes a day when you walk your dog or 4 hours a day of jogging. We also want to cater to multiple play styles, some users will enjoy trading on the market or having the best UV locations.
  • We want CHW to be casual. It doesn't matter if you play 10 mins a day, 1 hour a day, or 8 hours a day. You can pick it up, enjoy it, and put it down. And do it on your schedule
  • Red structures will blow your mind and send your body to the moon
  • August 19, 2021 - "i dont know if we've made a determination or not on additional resin for future wallet providers. but they will be coming. i dont want to announce a date and be wrong but we've got 4-5 exchanges in the pipeline around the world."
  • We will see how the first phase of expansion goes but I have a goal of 1 country per month until the end of the year. It all depends on how the response is for that country. And it may not be evenly distributed in the country. For instance, we could launch India in only one city. Demand will determine where we go and how aggressively we expand. Like start in Bangalore, get the community growing there, then the month after expand to Mumbai. Anyway, it’s all going to be flexible based on demand. So, if you have a suggestion on a country, let us know
  • Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe will potentially be available once we get our new exchanges signed up.
  • Translation is required not just for the game but for the questions as well. Expect Spanish to be the next language we support.
  • We do want cubies to have meaningful effects in the game
  • Lots of resources are coming to help build up and customize your structures and cubies
  • We have some sick ideas for how cubies will add to the game world. It’s coming later this year
  • It’s possible we’d sell some types of power ups. But our game is still about you interacting with specific spots. So, capture range is unlikely to be the thing we add.
  • In the future, we may let you have more Uservaults. Though as a early adopter benefit, we are giving you 10 at a discounted price. In the future, we will only let new players have access to 5 without significant amounts of work.
  • I think Uservault upgrades and customization will be more sought after than increasing the number of Uservaults per player
  • This random encounter feature (e.g. spawning Monolith) will be used in the game moving forward. We want to provide more variation in your hunts


  • We can do streak bonuses once we figure out how to stop google cheating (being worked on)
  • There will be new structures you can only build if you have a specific cubie equipped. More info will be provided during Hunters Lodge #3.
  • There will be a new next-gen type of resource introduced in the future, that will only drop from higher tier vaults. current resources will keep dropping as usual.
  • Walking will be more rewarding than other movement methods in the future
  • Leaderboard changes: Regional Leaderboards will be added.
  • Cubie blueprints (rare, epic and legendary) WILL be minted as NFTs. It's not a matter of If, it's a matter of WHEN.
  • Long term you will want to have a solid Cubie collection. Don't tell me I did not warn you. Just like when resin was introduced some players where saying resin was useless, there is nothing that needs resin... I told them to stack resin for later.
  • There will be more uses for bigger keys. we have some plans
  • The current UV system is just us dipping our toe in the water, testing out what happens if you allow players to control the game map. The UV system is going to get completely redone with MUCH deeper gameplay, different structures, upgrades etc.. All of this will cost higher tier keys... It just takes time to develop.
  • Just because you feel right now there is "absolutely no use for" yellow keys (which is a massive exaggeration tbh), does not mean we do not have a vision where yellow/reds/purples are in HEAVY demand.. Never forget this is a work in progress and we are still building out the bare foundations. It takes time to develop a very engaging and deep game like we are trying to build here. Other developers might have gone for a "develop for 3 years & then allow players in", we took a different approach: "let them in early and develop the game with the players continuous feedback". The drawback of the system we chose is that some players will not have the same vision as us and will mistakenly think that certain features and limitations are set in stone.. Chill & relax... everything will always adapt, change, improve over time.
  • There still be a way to get the Vampire Cubie resources, but I can't say anything else on that
  • Just hunt & chill and let us build out this game
  • There will be another system where resources of BP's that no longer drop get generated into the game
  • Cubie Collector Leaderboard & Referral Leaderboard wont have prizes attached to them btw (they are just for bragging rights). Only unique blueprints will count for cubie collector leaderboard.
  • The resin to unlock export system was a demo solution, in the future this will get revamped
  • The current UV system was just a baby step to allow you to start claim territory, the real "player built structures" system is in design phase. goes way deeper, way harder, way cooler and with extra sauce
  • Floating Vaults are being redesigned, so they won't appear till later this year anymore
  • CHW is not a game, it's an ever evolving & morphing digital merged with physical community
  • About NFT: we'll start with legendary/epics... might add rares as well later
  • Answer about making the Auction House accessible from anywhere: “Yeah that is not going to change.. you hunt away from HQ, you trade inside HQ”.
  • More cranes coming after the elemental invasion
  • About vaults: we will change this so they will stay on the map in a deactivated way until reset , to avoid confusion.
  • Yellow and red questions were bugged, they sometimes gave a blue tiered question, so that's fixed.
  • Some holiday 1-day events will obviously only run in a certain country
  • City quests, coming Q4
  • Gifting is probably going to happen at some point
  • Hunter gatherings are on the roadmap
  • To make sure this is clear to everybody: since it's in the core DNA of this game to get local hunters working together to build out a game world on top of the real world: cities (or any area with lots of hunters) will always have an advantage. This will not change and we are very transparent about this.


  • A player can only receive each blueprint drop once (changed on August 3rd 2021).
  • A Player can own more than 1 of the same blueprints at the same time by buying more blueprints in the Shop (changed on August 3rd 2021).
  • Auction House:
    • We will demo AH on the 30th, it will open for business Aug 1st
    • If you drag a yellow key on the bid screen it will auto convert to a stack of 100 blue keys
    • Phase 1 will be full duration, highest bid only. So there will be a tumultuous period of price discovery for each item but this should stabilize after a while.
    • Phase 2 we will add more features based on the feedback from phase 1
  • There is one more SHOP DROP before the legendary, so the next one is unannounced one (see Shark Cubie)
  • Next drop is a rare Ethereum Cubie Blueprint. Price will be 2 Yellow Keys.
  • 500 Epic Pirate Cubie will hit the Shop next month and cost 2 Red Keys'
  • 10'000 Bitcoin Cubies will be added to the Shop for 2 Yellow Keys.
  • OG Cubie will be in the Shop as soon as it launches. The OG Cubie Blueprint will be one use only and cost 1 Green Key for Beta testers only.
  • Every Country where Coin Hunt World will be released will get a special national cubie. See (Canada Day Cubie and July 4th Cubie)

CHW App Updates


  • The most current version of the Coin Hunt World application is CHW v0.9.9, released 08-22-2021.

July 30th 2021 Hunters Lodge #2

The second Hunters Lodge was held in Discord on July 30th 2021. Hunters Lodge is a Live Developer Presentation and Q&A Event where players can ask questions to the Developers. Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs were answering questions for 30min after the live presentation.

See Hunters Lodge for a detailed breakdown and links to the videos.

June 25th 2021

The first Hunters Lodge was held in Discord on June 25th 2021. Hunters Lodge is a Q&A Event where players can ask questions to the Developers. Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs were answering questions for 30min. Below is a summary of the questions and answers:

Is there something planned to help out rural players?

Changes are planned after the August Event will be done. These changes will be released in September. No concrete details about how it will even the playing field between rural and city players.

Is there a way to show where the rewards in the mail box are coming from?

Developers agreed that this should be added and will be fixed soon so players can see the reason why they got a specific reward.

Is there something planned for small businesses to be able to promote the game?

Yes, small businesses will be able to build up something in-game. More info coming soon from the developers.

Referral link improvements?

Coming in the next few weeks. New players will be able to manually link the referral in-game by filling out the user name.

Any changes to the Leaderboard rankings?

In August better and more Leaderboard rankings will be added.

Buddy Quest communication improvements?

Will be improved but the developers mentioned that an in-game chat won't be likely soon because they rather spend the time adding more game improvements and keep using Discord.

Warning before taking over blue vault with uservault?

Will be patched soon. Players will get a warning if they are trying to place an Uservault to close to an existing Blue Vault. This message will inform the player that the uservault will replace the existing blue vault.

Walking direction will be locked?

This will be added as an option in the settings soon. Players will be able to toggle the walking direction locking on or off depending on their preference.


Achievements will be released during the Anniversary Event in August.

Adding user names to flags and cubiedozers

Will be added soon. Players will be able to see the user name on Yellow Flags and Cubiedozers to make sure they fill their own.

Adding other Crypto?

Other crypto will be added soon with new events.

HQ improvements

Upgraded Headquarters might be coming where you can forge keys and do other stuff depending on the level of your HQ.

May 17th 2021

For those that missed it, Illusionweaver held a rather short-notice town hall meeting using the Discord “Stages” feature. This was meant to be a test run focused on allowing the players to ask about the forthcoming shop, though we got a few other tidbits as well. Here’s what we heard:

The Shop

  • Will only have one item for sale at a time.
  • Will initially sell limited edition blueprints, the first of which will be a rare BP for a Bitcoin Cubie. There will only ever be 10,000 BPs minted for this cubie. It will be available in the shop from June 7th through June 11th, and will cost 2 Yellow Keys.
  • The second drop will be an Epic BP, type unknown (Pirate Cubie. There will only be 500 BPs minted. Available from June 25th through June 30th and will cost 2 Red Keys.
  • Could eventually sell things like cosmetic upgrades for your HQ, or unique UV-topper cubie animations.

Auction House

  • Will be the next big deliverable.
  • Will resemble the Auction House in World of Warcraft.
  • Sellers will be able to put up cubies, Blueprints, Resources, and Resin. They will be able to set the starting bid.
  • Buyers will be able to bid only keys. The highest bid after the timer expires will win the lot.
  • In a subsequent phase of development, there may be a “quick buy” feature added to bypass the auction timer and automatically take the lot at a higher price.
  • CHW will take a “key fee” from the seller on every lot. Percentage or how this works is unknown.

Rural vs Urban fairness

  • not many details provided, but it was confirmed that ways are being designed/developed to close the gap.
  • hinted at change to the “base layer” of the game (i.e. the experience for new players just starting the game)
  • noted that geolocation games will never be 100% “fair” for rural players as there is just much more going on in bigger cities game-wise.

End of Beta

  • still on track for end of May so long as everything continues going well. Moved to the beginning of June now.
  • Update: Final release files submitted for Android and iOS. Waiting for iOS to be approved.